Kick Off and Enable Your Money Making Process Faster at WA

Last Update: December 16, 2020

Kick Off and Enable Your Money Making Process Faster at WA

You may be asking how?

Do you know?

There are superb mentorships available at WA and more so this can come with your yearly premium!

How Do the Mentors Help?

  • providing knowledge and filling the knowledge gap
  • Discussing affiliate programs for various niches.
  • Running weekly training only who subscribes them.
  • help, answering PM etc.
  • Discussing yearly goals
  • Taking responsibility for your success
  • Solve problems in anticipation

How does that help a newcomer who just went premium and desperately waiting to make his/her first income?

It does help a lot. It is firsthand help, quick access to your answer for a question if you are stuck.

There is a difference having a mentor and not having a mentor in your performance unless you are fluent in all aspects of affiliate marketing. Most people here may want someone to help them to be successful early in the game earning an income. It is encouraging moving forward with.

How do you get those mentors at WA?

Use your free trial days find them or before you sign up for premium. Get the most out of your free trial.

Sign up with those mentors to get the best use out of your premium Membership bucks.

Your mentor gets money as long as you are with WA. You are happy as well getting your problem solved early.

This is particularly helpful to newbies having limited knowledge of affiliate marketing.

It is a win-win situation.

Share your thoughts and comments.

Have a beautiful day.


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Newme202 Premium
Helpful information Anu. Thanks for sharing. WA is so awesome!
RoseLee2020 Premium
Nicely said Anu! Being part of this platform is just superb!

Have a great day!~^
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Well said, Anu, we all access to information, many members have detailed knowledge that we can also tap into.
Only1Hugh Premium
Yes so true Anu my mentor CassiofTroy not only has supported my growth but also been an inspiration in her own activity within WA. She provides information freely and gives the occasional nudge to keep me on track. If you don't have one I agree that a Newbie should reach out, identify one and build a relationship.