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January 19, 2014
Last week i posted my first post/page how to lower your scoring on my site: Underneath is mentioned: Uncategorised. What does this mean? Can I change it and if so what are the anvantages or not. Does the fact that is categorised as UNCATEGORISED can be the reason that that the three comments i got so far via Wordpress and my 2 answers are/will not be published? Who can help me with this and/or refer me to a training or post regarding this. Thanks for yoyr coo
January 16, 2014
Hello to you all. Being around for almost 4 month now I am just finishing level 2 course. When I started one of the first things to do was to set your goals with regards to expectations, earnings etc. Then already I was estonished about the very high amounts of earnings a lot of starters had. My first ideas, just ideas based on ???? were not that high and even though at that time I really enjoyed to be a part of a "close family striving after the same goals" I rewrote my financial goals. Star
December 02, 2013
When I wanted to start in getting to know a bit about the endless possibilties in Internet Marketing the first thing I did was trying to find on internet an easy way of making money. Tried a few of the offers promissing you gold in minutes etc. but found out as most all of us in WA that you always end in the worst case scenario. Then I met WA and decided to give a try to the more easy way and accepted that as the saying goes: Rome is not build in one day, I don,t regret a minute that I took t
November 07, 2013
Hello you all within the WA school leading to be a future IM marketeer. Being around for almost two month now and having completed level1 course the moment has arrived to go live with a first "piece of work" hoping it soon will be my first "piece of art". In my case that does not mean it has to be successfull in terms of visitors and as a consequence of that leading to my first ever earning on internet. I would be rather glad if I could find it somewhere on internet !!! Back to my theme. The fi