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July 17, 2017
Nanotechnology has emerged as ‘the latest technological advances’; the ‘driving force’ to manipulation of materials in terms of ‘physical, chemical and biological properties’.It not only provides ‘human capabilities on technological front’; its power shift in renewable energy and sustainability is highly efficient. Nano-materials positively contribute to energy savings through ‘efficient distribution and power transmission’. Its &ls
July 15, 2017
Population growth is the foundation for development and assumption. However, it also contributes to the increasing burdens on scarce resources. Therefore population growth can be the basic creations that impact on the environment. In fact, the world population is expected to rise by around 2 billion by 2050.It seems the growth will practically be in the developing populations of Asia and Africa. The growth will put increased pressure on resources and structures that are already short and imp
Good communication skills both in speech and in writing;Very hardworking to achieve long-term goals;Have the abilities to learning quickly;Persistently creative both in quality and quantity;Highly driven with people to forming good connection;Always empower respect to having high moral standards to build trust.
Artificial intelligence is an attempt to imitate the reasoning human behavior by machine. Unlike computer, designed to process steps by steps, human reasoning is less structured. Artificial intelligence is therefore designed to follow these processes.Artificial neural networks are example of machine learning with reasoning capabilities. They are computational models with the abilities such as adapt, learn, generalize, recognize, cluster, and organize data. These are neural computing using it
While market distribution data are vital information for your business to evidently determine the sustainability for targeting prospect growth and expansion, new promotional activities and changing outlook within the sectors had transformed industries marketing strategies. The 6 Ps of Marketing Mix 1. Product serving existing and new segment 2. Product (Brand) positioning strategy 3. Pricing 4. People 5. Process management 6. Physical assets 1. Product serving existing and new segment
A Black Swan event is unforeseen that brings an appalling impact because societies could never perceive or expect such an event occurring. Indeed, Myanmar has one of the highest rates of forest loss on Earth. Its deforestation rate has increased by 13.5 percent since the 1990s. Evidence suggests that illegal logging is widespread causing deforestation and global warming, thus generating biodiversity loss in Myanmar resulting ‘Black Swan’ disaster such as Cyclone ‘Nargis’
Green Revolution is the discoveries of agricultural practices in the 1940s. While producing more agricultural products through technologies; GM crops and seed varieties have increased grain production. While there is transformation of the economy in Myanmar for example, the agricultural concerns have been persistent. Social demands have generated more expectations from the rural regions witnessing the daily protests of farmers all around the nation displaying its importance; because 70 percent
July 03, 2017
Remember! DON'T GIVE UPThis is what life is about when things go wrong as they sure will, sometimes when the road seems all up hill, when you know the funds are low and the debts are so high.And actually you want to smile, but somehow you have to sigh. That is why when care is pressing you down a bit, you must take good care of yourself, you need to find time to relax, but remember don't you quit.For that reasons, Life is filled with its twists and turns, as every one of us sometimes learns th
June 26, 2017
Hello everyoneI’m sure most of you have noted that in this day and age the gap of inequality continues to expand. In fact, the whole business world and the global industry, including worldwide governments, and international institutions are powerless to address these problems. As a result disasters become apparent. For example the recession resulted in the developed nations and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).Of course, the global financial crisis had been observed by far the worst and
June 21, 2017
Hi everyoneToday I’m to discuss how to best reward your employees and why ‘money is not everything’ to retaining staff strategy. So, in meeting organisation’s goals, rewards are often used to motivate employees. Some researchers believe extrinsic rewards such as money and other financial rewards are the best way to motivate staff. Others think that the key is intrinsic rewards associated with recognition and praise. What are Extrinsic and Intrinsic rewards? Extrin