My Goals - Five Year Plan

Last Update: May 04, 2019

I thought I would write out my five-year plan. My goals and plans for all the things I would like to accomplish over the next five years.

Past Plans

A few years ago I had a five-year plan, the complete list was only three things.

  • Pay off all debt.
  • Start an online business.
  • Buy a condo on the river.

This was my plan 5 years ago, 2 practical things that are planning toward our future and one really big dream (living on the river).

I think this list was made two years ago and I have not really made much progress with anything on the list. I have paid off a little debt only to have things happen and I needed a loan to cover the cost of some large home repairs.

My 5 Year Plan - Starts May 1, 2019

  1. Pay off all debt
  2. Start an online business.

I am going to continue to keep my long term goals pretty simple and make plans yearly, monthly and weekly to work toward achieving these goals.

Goal 1 - Pay off debt.

Most of the debt we currently have will be paid off within 5 years just by making regular payments so this was never really a concern in the whole 5-year plan, but the older I get the more concerning debt is becoming to me and my husband. My husband has a physical job and you just never know how long you will be able to continue with those types of jobs as you age (we are both in our 50's). The only other debt we have is the mortgage and we have a plan in place for that debt also, I just hope it works out.

A few years ago we bought a second house about an hour away with the intention to move as soon as we fixed it up. Looking back now it probably was not the smartest move. We took the equity in our home and bought that one, with a plan to move within a year or so. Well a few things happened, one of them being that I started working part-time at a job that had full paid medical (health, dental, vision) benefits and also offers a pension after so many years of working. The savings in medical benefits alone made it hard to give up this job, we were paying $1,200 monthly with a $12,00 deductible.

So years passed and we never made the move, the kids got older and as they started to move out I didn't want to move an hour away. When they start a family, I want to drop by to see the kids and babysit when they need help.

Anyway, so now our plan is to sell that house and pay off the mortgage and stay here, Orlando.

Goal 2 - Start an online business.

My original reason for wanting to start an online business was because I was not sure we could make the same income if we did move. Even though we are planning on staying here now you just never know what will happen to anyone's job, having other income is never a bad idea.

As for the last goal I had on my original list, the dream goal, that condo I wanted was over an hour away, so since I no longer want to move I deleted that one. Sometimes dreams change. I would still like a dream goal but I haven't come up with anything that I love yet.

So I feel like this challenge was the kick in the butt I needed to get this started. I have been a WA member for almost 6 months now and I have mostly treated it as a hobby. It is time to change that and get things done around here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!


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