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April 17, 2017
Well my time is up tomorrow , I am leaving ,somewhat reluctantly but the pressures are just too much on me for concentration on WA. I do hope to return in the future and would like to thank everyone who has followed me and wish everyone good health and good fortune with their respective sites .I have enjoyed all the contacts I have made. Thanks to you all. Angie.
March 22, 2017
Hi,Everyone, I have to leave due to illness in the family where I am needed to help care so just cannot devote the time to WA .Because I will be unable to enjoy all the Banter with all the lovely internet people I have found contact with...... I cannot keep paying for something I am not going to be able to be a part of in WA.Thanks to all you lovely people I have made contact with and wish you all good fortune.I sincerely hope....`.I`ll be back`.... when the pressures are not on m
March 02, 2017
To day I feel sad, remembering my mothers Birthday. She was a fine woman and always full of words of wisdom......,which when you are young, you tend not to want to listen. Often my mother would make quotations .for eg.`a stitch in time saves nine``.Her favourite for me was , " procrastination is the thief of time" as I would frequently say ,"ok ! I`ll do it tomorrow". In fact I would retaliate with my own quote of, " Put off today what you can do tomorrow ! "However , over the years I have
February 12, 2017
Having got thus far in my WA venture , my overconfidence has reached a sticking point. I realise how little I understand internet marketing. I cannot assimilate how `blogs`,`traffic`,media etc. really affect my niche. Some of the information seems, to an ignorant ,basic, internetter, like me to be `double dutch` ! I am, baring my soul, and wonder if I would ever be able to `create`, useful information to future WA associates.However I shall remain, undaunted,for the presen
February 03, 2017
So animated today ! Feeling as though I can see that `chink` of light ,at the end of the tunnel, as have received favourable comments from other members about my website! It appears I am going in the right direction. Seriously, to all new members......if I can get this far ....anyone can.
February 01, 2017
Well.....neck against the collar and ploughing on ! can`t relax have to keep churning over the soil ! Feel at times I am having some success,then at other times getting frustrated because the answer isn`t quite at my fingertips,but with that digging and finding help,suddenly find an answer ! This seems to be the nature of the process,so must plough on... keep the traces taught and the lines straight !
January 28, 2017
Well, slightly different,not just on Google ! but now officially indexed !! trying to pat myself on the back.
January 27, 2017
so pleased I am on google searches, but not sure what happens now ??
January 26, 2017
Hooray !! Have, after much nashing of teeth, and being rather slow,have finished the first level of lessons....the fog is clearing slightly. Have a website ( of sorts ) but need to do a lot of `tweeking` as not fully conversant with all the technical stuff on the to do things and organise for best appearance. Must move on however , think I am going to have to ask a lot of questions. For now, basking in the achievement of getting thus far.!!