Super Quick Tip to Make Writing Articles Super Quick!

Last Update: February 21, 2011

Hey All!

Want a easy free way to speed up your writing efforts?


 On Sunday, Pick one keyword for each day of the week. Then for each keyword...

1.  Fire up rapid writer

2.  Create a campaign named for your niche and this week ending date

3.  Create an article and use the keyword as the title

4.  Fill in the content area with a list of the main points you want to cover

5.  Save it

Now each day when you sit down to write an article you have an outline already waiting, so writing the article is kinda like filling in the blank!  AND goes MUCH faster. 





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Dannaphea Premium
yes. that's what im saying.
keep it simple but not to simple.
You have such a great style of writing. I hope to learn from you. How do I save your blogs? (I think thats what they are called) I do not want to loose this information.
SStarrs Premium
I try to bookmark good informstion .
So when I need it I can find it .
There is probably others ways of doing it .
Kathy389 Premium
Short, simple and to the point. I think making the process this simple will get a lot of new articles out there. Thanks & great job.
Jamie Smith Premium
Nice 1
Robg1 Premium
I'll give that a try!. Thanks ;-)