There is no coincidence in this world!

Last Update: Sep 5, 2021

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Two hours ago.............the 2nd time in a few months when someone crushes his bloody stupid attention(was in his pants!) and hit us from behind, on the boot so hard that my head shakes twice while we were driving regularly. just this time my partner was driving.

Although you will say ohhh is something, is a coincidence or...anything...

There is no coincidence in this world!

Everything happens for a reason.

Don't you believe so?

I am just scrolling my brain and wonder since. What sign universe wants to make me aware. aware of what, can I just understand and see more, what is this dear Universe/God/Allah./etc

I find this article scrolling and browsing around my question here is. Is it answered my question? I don't know. what do you think>?

why, why, what do I need to do more and to be aware of?

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I agree that everything happens for a reason but completely disagree with your: "There is no coincidence in this world!" I believe you must have heard also about: "Being in the wrong place at the wrong time." That's a coincidence for you there. Otherwise, I believe it would have been the reverse: "Being in the wrong place in the right time" or better still: "Being in the right in the right time"?
The debate continues. Thank you for bringing the topic up, Angell70!

We all have our free will Pedro.
You are right in your way and I am right in what I think will expand.
Maybe is just me. Maybe I've attracted this accident. Who knows.
I just need an explanation and there is no one out there in this enormous world to tell me, WHY.
I wish I can find all the answers inside me. I'm still searching for.
Thank you for your comment.

You're welcome!

You have a point , everything happens for a reason

Interesting view. I too agree that everything happens for a reason. Yet, I also believe in coincidences. Odd, but true.


Thank you for your comment Canty, I'm OK now

Hi Angel
Hope you are fine.
Everything that happens in life is for a purpose.
Take care and keep safe.

Thank you for carrying my dear

There may be no coincidence in the world

Are you okay?
That's the first important thing now we need to find out!

😊 thank you my dear, I've been pretty shacked but now I'm alright
I wish I can know more of those sign!

So glad you're ok :)

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