Information Overload and Bad Customer Service

Last Update: May 07, 2017

Do you ever feel like your head's just going to explode with information? Do you get overwhelmed by it all and end up doing nothing?

It has definitely happened to me!

I mentioned before about the trip I took to Sacremento, CA. Well, less than 30 days later, I took another trip. I went to Phoenix, AZ with a client and attended ICON17.

What is ICON you might ask?

ICON is an annual event put on by Infusionsoft. ICON gathers amazing, brilliant minds in the biggest mastermind you've ever seen.

This is a large convention, 3000+ people, for Infusionsoft users (my client is one of those users). In case you don’t know, Infusionsoft is the Customer Relationship Management system

There were so many vendors there I know I didn't speak to them all. The one's I did talk to were amazing.

I met the developers (see pic below) for imember360 which is a membership plugin that integrates with Infusionsoft. I found out they have a membership plugin now that integrates Active Campaign with WordPress. I will be checking it out soon and let you know what I think!

I learned a lot while there and am still processing. I promise to have some really good information to share very soon!

Phoenix Dining

We ate at some really good restaurants while in Phoenix. If you are ever in Phoenix you MUST visit Matt's Big Breakfast, BC/Breakfast Club, and Canyon Cafe. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Bison burger !! Now that I do, I will be looking for it everywhere! It was truly OMG delicious!

Whatever you do, AVOID mi amigos mexican grill !!

We stopped there one night for dinner. We walked in and it was like we were an inconvenience right from the start. We had to ask 3 times for a glass of water and the glasses didn't look very clean (not to mention the water!).

The waitress finally came to take our order after we had nearly finished off the chips they brought with the water. She took my client's order then walked off to another table ! We just looked at each other for a moment. We couldn't believe she had just left without finishing taking our order!

I looked at my client and said, "you want to just leave?" So we did, and two doors down found Canyon Cafe. Although I had been looking forward to some fried ice cream (you don't find it often any more), I am glad we left and I was able to taste the yummy Bison burger!

Check out my massive plate of french toast from BC/Breakfast Club below!

What's Your Customer's Experience Like?

What we experienced, you could compare to cart abandonment. Do you ever wonder why a customer gets to your shopping cart or payment page or even an optin page and then just leaves?

When was the last time you went through your own sales funnel?

If you haven't, you need to! See what your customer sees. Experience what they experience. As you do, think about how it feels to you as a consumer. Ask yourself, would you buy?

I better get back to processing all this information I brought back with me.

Look for an update soon with some really good tips on generating more free traffic and building your site's authority.

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mijareze Premium
Sounds like a great experience!
AngelaHall Premium
Hi Ed :) It really was amazing. I'm enjoying the live events a lot.
MKearns Premium
I've heard of Icon Angela. Glad you and your client had a great experience!
AngelaHall Premium
It was pretty amazing Mike :)
adaba063 Premium
thank you for sharing your experience,

yes, it is good to go through your own sales funnel from time to time, to experience it as a new user, and to see it from the your own additional experience,

all the best,
AngelaHall Premium
absolutely Derrall. :)