Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Membership Deal - Is it Worth it?

Last Update: November 23, 2017

WA Black Friday Sale - is it worth it?

Is this program a scam?

What are the results?

* Go here for the full blog post https://yourartpath.com/wealth...

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 months now on monthly charged Premium membership.

The only reason I picked this is because I wanted to see what this website is all about.. And guess what? 5 months later I realize that I'm sticking here for a LONG TIME and not planning to go anywhere! So, for the amount of money I payed for the 5 months I could have afforded almost THE WHOLE YEAR!

Here is the thing, you start off and give yourself 6 months, and you decide that you will quit after that mark if it's not worth your time, and it's a scam or whatever.

6 months down the line you HAVE BUILD such a STRONG base in the online world, you understand so much more and start seeing small results ( such as even a fact that you went from 0 to 10 Organic clicks to your website PER DAY )! It might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is!!

Then you also start seeing +1 subscriber to your email list/week.

Then your Instagram/Facebook/Pintrest account grounds to 50!

And while as it might seem like not a lot, IT IS! Because you now begin to see more and more impact your blog has in online world.. And it's truly addictive!

I can't tell you how awesome it felt to see that 1st email subscriber and know that it's not my family member, but an actual person who found me through google and wants to read more of MY content!!

It's truly unbelievable!

So, if you ask me : oh, should I get the yearly membership?

My answer to you is YES, YES and YES!

Do you have questions, such as:

How to create my own blog?

How to write quality content?

How to reach bigger audience?

How to grow my email list?

How to make money from my blog?

All I have learned about blogging comes from this website and nowhere else!!

The enormous amount of content, support and inspiration in here is unreal :))

When I'm feeling down, I get in here and talk to people, see how they are doing and get motivated to keep working! Since they can achieve great happiness and income with all that this place teaches you - I can too!

Whenever I have questions - I have THOUSANDS of people to ask! + the creators of WA are always welcome to help you out despite the crazy amount of questions they get daily!

Oh, and the keyword tool does wonders! I usually have 1 hour a week when I brainstorm ideas for future posts- and this tool makes it so much easier to know EXACTLY what problems people have, what they research and what amount of visitors it is possible to get with certain keywords if it's good quality!

I can continue mumbling about this place non-stop for a very long time, but I will stop myself now! I hope you take this awesome Black Friday WA chance to save a lot of money! And then see all the benefits for yourself!

*If you would like to find out more, click here: https://yourartpath.com/wealth...

Let me know what you think of this website later!

Did you also take this awesome chance? :) If you did, then comment down below your BIGGEST reason for making this step! :)

I know I won't regret it <3

Good luck everyone!

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skandy85 Premium Plus
I made the annual step about 3.5 year ago. I was 6 months in as well when I realised it was silly paying a monthly fee.

Congrats! You have got a very exciting year ahead!!!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Anna excellent post and you are so correct in everything that you have expressed The Blck Friday deal is exceptional value.