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. . .but without all the knot tying.OK, so I was aiming for a quirky but not entirely misleading title.Just to share that WA decided in its wisdom to award me a Dedication Badge.I will wear it with pride!Happy Days everyoneAndy
Hi friends,It is time to share an achievement. I reached the 100,000 words milestone a couple of days ago. And they weren't all ifs and buts either.Actually my last post was a bit of a monster but on the other hand it is difficult doing justice to a comprehensive review of a 500 plus page book in only a thousand words or so.I might feel a little gulty when I click submit on the WA request comments site, which I intend to do this evening. As I say I might. Or I might not. Maybe I should add a wa
Hi everyone,My Amazon Associates account was just closed. The reason they gave was that they said my content is not original. And they gave as an example the URL of my home page. However, all the content on my site is completely original. I have written all of it. I have been very careful not to either cut and paste or repeat text from other sources. I have been careful also to write any profile post on social media sites differently than on my own site.They say I can resubmit a request to join
Hi everyone,Just sharing completion of course 4 of OEC. As the focus of this was social media I have also been building visual material for Pinterest. Viewership is still low but I am comfortable that my visual brand is clear to me. Now onto the next course.Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, answering questions and giving tips and advice.Happy Days!AndyPS - That's weird. I am getting an error message that my material above is not unique. hmmm What to do? Write some more mayb
… to get to 100% ? I guess that isn’t possible. It also tells me that 22 of my posts are indexed on Google and actually only 31 of the 37 are what you would call real posts. That’s not bad.Anyway, WA friends, this is one of those – my progress so far kinds of posts and a projection of where it is going.Perhaps I should start this with an alphabet soup keyword search, or maybe use Google to see what - People also ask. Here’s what I came up with:How much to writers
Hey everyone this is going to sound like small potatoes to many here.But I just made a first bit of revenue on my site. My dashboard told me today that I had earned the princely sum of $1.18:And in case you were wondering the two ways to reach the top of an oak tree . . . One is to climb one of course.The other is to sit on an acorn.Well I am happy to report I am well on my way to sitting on an acorn.Now I just have to check where I left that magic rapid grow oak tree fertilizer....Ha
I finally got to the end of level three.Seems like I was stuck on lesson 8 for a long time.After a few simple fixes ...Moving on nowThanks to all who helped, commented, gave inspiration etcBestAndy
April 12, 2020
Hey everyoneDon't ask me how this happened - but somehow or other I landed in the top 200! Surely WA must have made some mistake or other. I mean I still have tons and tons to learn.Thanks to everyone who has so generously been giving me feedback, comments, tips and assistance. It is the positive helpful nature of this community that makes it such a valuable place to be.It is a great pleasure and honor to be among you.Stay safe and healthyKind regardsAndyPS - this is not unique content.
March 14, 2020
My progress thus farHi EveryoneI am celebrating my progress. I'm nearly at the end of the second course of training. You guessed it - I just arrived at the point where I am told to write a blog post in WA. So since I am trying to follow every instruction to the letter - and not ducking out on any tasks - here it is.I have in my eyes a decent looking website far I have five posts, some with comments and some are ranked on Google and I created a Gravatar.Here a