Jaaxy Unlimited Searches Now Included with Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Last Update: Dec 16, 2017


Just when you think Wealthy Affiliate cannot get any better, they surprise us by including Jaaxy with unlimited searches free with our Wealthy Affiliate membership. To connect your Jaaxy account to your Wealthy Affiliate account and upgrade:

  1. Point at the Jaaxy button in the left menu right underneath the Affiliate Bootcamp button.
  2. Select Connect Jaaxy to Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Upgrade to free unlimited searches.

You can still upgrade to Pro or Enterprise if you like, and there are benefits to doing so, but it's a nice addition for those just starting out and on a limited budget.

Thanks to Kyle and Carson for this!

P.S. Be sure to update your Wealthy Affiliate reviews to reflect this!

Recent Comments


I was trying to figure out when this changed from 30 free to unlimited - must have been around December 2017? I'm pretty grateful we get unlimited searches as Premium members! Thanks Kyle and Carson! And thanks, Andy - for writing this blog.

Great post script! Good reminder. Great tool!

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