How Powerful You Really Are?

Last Update: February 25, 2015

As the title implies, how powerful are you?

I believe that you are a unique and very powerful being!

You have unlimited untapped potential that most even yourself is unaware of. You might be thinking how is that or what am I talking about. It's been explained from powerful mystics to modern day science on how an individual can effect not only themselves but the environment and other beings around them.

For example of how powerful we are, have you heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto? If not you should check out his work. In my opinion it's pretty cool! His passion about water has led to some extraordinary scientific breakthroughs. One of his most famous works can be seen in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know". If you have not seen that I also suggest you watch that. It might plant some seeds in both your unconscious and conscious mind about what I am talking about:)

But to stay on topic, there are so much scientific research and spiritual truth about how powerful we truly are it's staggering! I mean think about it?

How many wrong turns and problems have life thrown at you and yet you still stand?

How many times have you taken a beating from life and with faith and perseverance you got right back up?

How many times have you looked backed on the so called "bad" and thought it really wasn't as bad as it seems?

I ask because I guarantee that all who is reading this been there. Those who strive for their own success takes the hardest bumps. The most successful people from all walks of life from different eras have taken their fair share of failures. From The Great Michael Jordan, The Motivational Anthony Robbins, The Genius Thomas Edison, The Wise Siddhartha Gautama ( The original Buddha) to even you and I.

Notice how I each individual I have mentioned excelled in greatness in various paths and achieved their personal version of success. No matter who you are, what nationality, what you believe in, what region of the world you live in, you can become the Greatest Version of Yourself. PERIOD

The only thing that is or can stop you....


Now please do not only us but yourself a favor; Get out there and BE YOURSELF and SHINE! Uplift others who are lacking the self love and self confidence to tackle obstacles and achieve their DREAMS!


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RyMi Premium
Love your bright years ahead of you!
AndreBurt Premium
Thank you my friend. Really appreciate the feedback. May your road to success blossom many blessings not only for you but for those you care about as well.
danbarth87 Premium
Great post!
AndreBurt Premium
Thanks! Really loving the support here! Many blessings to your journey to success:)