The decision.

Last Update: August 22, 2016

Well , needless to say i'm lettering this post to declare my upgrade done a few minutes ago.

Ok , let's split my night a second and i'll tell you how i got onto writing this post , my first one actually.

So, back in the days around 3 years ago, i ran onto a friend of a friend on facebook. fair enough , nothing special , except the fact he was always posting about money , expensive life , financial freedom and this kind of stuff , which to me at the beginning was like , look another dude trying to make money, but deep down i could see he was targeting a very precise target , and that included me as well.

Other than posting an expensive lifestyle, he was selling also solutions which was the thing different from the others... anyways we chatted a few times but never got the chance to really meet up. so it kind of ended there..

apart the fact that now he is leaving in the gran canaria islands , has 2 porsche parked, and a lot of other cool stuff. and im like ok , thats it , he's doing something that i need to do as well. guess what ? he is doing affiliate.

So i started doing my researches on the web , but i couldn't get anything on my hands really useful or that it didn't look like a complete scam.

Than i got onto WA , looked around , and this also is way different from others forums/website , and by also evaluating my earning criteria which is :


I just realized and decided that there is no time to look around and waiting for the flash to arrive .

instead it's time to get fully operational and start doing!

in order to achieve a full doingness you need to decide to BE someone. and thats right it when i decided i want to be an affiliate marketer... and upgrade :P

Cheers people , looking forward to talk to all of you!

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dlibreros Premium
That's great that you have made the decision to better yourself and become an affiliate marketer.

Best of luck,
andreamonti Premium
Thanks man!!