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November 05, 2016
Ask A Question?Don't get yourself stuck!You can ask anything BIG or small - no question is a stupid question!Don't be afraid - We are All here to help each otherWhat Do You Need To Know?How Do You Ask A Question?Look up to right and see the PEN iconIt's inbetween the blue rank button and the envelope button - see it?Just Click on it A Drop Down Menu Appears And You will See - Ask A QuestionClick itType Your Title With A Question Mark?Click Into the box belowDescribe what you need to know some m
Wealthy Affiliate - Open To Everybody What Is Wealthy Affiliate?An Affiliate training program of excellence that provides step by step training. Easy to follow in bite size exercises with an accompanying video to watch.This ensures you absorb the training and you tick the box when you have done it.Free Training And 2 Free websites are included.Jaaxy keyword free for 7 days is usually a premium feature.Help from experts in the WA community for 7 days also a premium feature usual
September 14, 2016
Yesterday, I discovered Jimbo's Training Video for Yoast. Click to see it. is an alternative to the ALL IN ONE SEO and it is a free plugin that you can get from your ADD Plugins on the left side menu of your website and it takes you to the WordPress Plugins Area.Jimbo has established a good understanding of Yoast and how to use it - something that I am still getting used to and will need to go over his video again a few times to see if I
You Know when you know there is something that isn't quite right with your sites and and you think you should be doing something but the questions you ask don't really quite sink in as an answer but a confusion?Feeling A Little Deflated After Hours, Days, Weeks, Months Trying To Figure It OutWell, I get it now. There was something very important, that some how I had missed out, with all of my websites!!!Yesterday, I managed to do a ton of necessary work on two of my websites that took all day a
1/ What is the difference between buying your domain within WA and buying one elsewhere?2/ I know that siterubix is a subdomain. But in what category do WA's domains fall into? Are they top level?3/ If you buy a domain name elsewhere, do you pay any more money to then move it to here?4/ If you do have any experience of this, how much on average would you pay on top of your domain?5/ I have noticed some domains are very cheap (0.99) are these secondary level domains and if they are are they any
I am making it my mission to follow each and every one of you here in Wealthy Affiliate."Gorgeous house eh? Thats where my parents live. My father was a master builder - he did o.k for himself. It used to be a school. That's my mum and my brother in the background. He lives in the other side of the school. The kids are my daughter Ffion and my son David and my old dog Dill. It's an old photo. The kids are 15 and almost 13 now.I have recently become even more of a black sheep of the family and w
August 17, 2016
No, I don't mean the little old lady of whom you wouldn't be here without.I try really hard to get it right but I don't touch type and so some mistakes are overlooked.Also, there are slight differences between English and American English, that a few Yankees have picked me up on, then I get all offended and have to prove the difference or the fact that we are both right in both cases.So, I have been hearing about Grammarly over the few months I have been here and did think it was a good idea bu
August 16, 2016
Hi, Everyone, Andi here.My progress has now reached course 5, lesson 3 WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals (PHASE 5) have been going through some more training and was worried about making a video, as the lesson suggest, let alone several of them. I want to, but feel a bit awkward doing it. I guess it will become easier once I have done a few.Kyle has suggested doing them through YouTube, and I do
August 12, 2016
For creating content, I remember from a lesson about using an online timer. This isn't the exact one but it is something similar as there are loads of them but here is an example: just went into it and you can change the hour or minutes and seconds just by clicking and entering say 30 minutes and keeping the tab open. Have another tab open on say, Onenote, where you can create a draft of any amount of text content, then start the timer and just type for that amount of
I thought I smelt Autumn in the air yesterday, This happens to me every year, and I never expect it, it is something that just happens. Don't worry though, this weeks forecast is great, getting warmer and sunnier for the weekend and onwards, great because Leia is going to be 8 on Saturday and we really know about it, every hour of every excited.I am feeling quite relaxed and fairly happy with my websites at the minute, don't get me wrong, I am not so relaxed that I don't have plent