International Day of Happiness - March 20

Last Update: March 19, 2016

International Day of Happiness is tomorrow March 20. Here are my thoughts on that place called HAPPY.

Happiness Fosters Good Health

A happy disposition is good medicine. “Happiness or related mental states like hopefulness, optimism and contentment appear to reduce the risk or limit the severity of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, colds and upper-respiratory infections,” says a report in Time magazine. Furthermore, a Dutch study of elderly patients revealed that over a nine-year period, a happy, positive disposition reduced the risk of death by an amazing 50 percent!

Research has shown that positive, optimistic people have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to suppress the immune system.

The Recipe for True Happiness

A GOOD recipe and a good cook make for a good meal! In a way, it is similar with happiness. It is not the result of a single factor, but many things in life come together to produce happiness. These include work, play, time with family and friends, and spiritual activities. But there are also more subtle factors, such as attitudes, desires, goals, and intentions in life.

Be Generous and Thankful

Instead of being self-centered, happy people tend to be generous and interested in others. Besides giving in a material way, we can give of our time and energy, which may be even more appreciated, especially in the family. When family members give in such ways, they thrive and their home becomes a haven of happiness.

Showing yourself thankful can make a huge difference in our relationships with others and can greatly add to our own joy. Showing gratitude also raises our awareness of the good things that happen to us.

Love and Hope—Essential for Happiness

It has been said that from the cradle to the grave, humans need love. Without it, people pine away. How unselfish true love is! Because it “does not look for its own interests,” it places the happiness of others ahead of self.

Always hoping for the best in relationships, in people we love and in our lives in general will lead to happiness.

Enjoy the International Day of Happiness on March 20th each year!

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What a beautiful post and a great start to Sunday for me. Thanks for sharing :)
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One of our members recently posted this and I thought it was a good recipe: ~Debbi
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Yes enjoy