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I know:This will not be the easiest thing to do.Last February on 26th I turned 25 while website turned 4 on Valentile.(The best Valentine gift Ever)Its both Funny and unbelievable that within those 4 years. I had only 73 post published.I still manage to make passive income. Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate Community tarining and Support over the past yearsI'm neither telling you to be lazy, brag Impress you but to show whats possibe with Affiliate marketing.(Hint: I made $46.50 my first Year.)
Before I start writing this blog, I have a confession to make."I started my online business without owning a laptop. I was relying on FREE wifi and college computers that people were enjoyed streaming and watching their favorite shows online."Here is the Thing:I didn't succeed overnight.When I first posted about my experiment, a lot of people thought that I was insane because I linked to my competitors. you are curious, it's all about ranking your pages on Goo
February 26, 2017
Your Mind is the greatest asset that you have.You have to believe in yourself.Recently, I published a post on about my one year progress running the website. You may have a look here.Happy BirthDay EliteAffiliateHacks: Another Success storyI had so many challenges along the way that I'll share with you in this blog.I Have a Confession to Make!Who I'm I?At the time of joining wealthy affiliate, I was a broke college student. You know how tough life can be. we need money f
Hey did you check Your WordPress Website?The new update has given us so many flexibilities. What I love most is the ability to add a logo to any website.( The theme doesn't matter any more)See more features on this Blog Sky is the Limit,-Tony
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Hey Everyone,While the fact is it can take some time of learning in order to see results, it is still possible to get results in the shortest time.Persistance, dedication and hard work is the key. I remember, when I first became a premium member, I received an email tittled. "If you do this You woun`t fail!"Can you guess what that was?If you don`t Quit, you will NEVER Fail.Just got another inspiration from Parre who has been here for a year and he is making over $5,000.November Results, $5,000
Hi Everyone,Hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are moving forward with your business. My apologies since I have never blogged about may first sale but I have for my first payment and will continue to do so.I had set my own target that I would like to reach in order to receive payments from wealthy affiliate. (Already achieved that)Just follow the training and do the tasks on your site.Nathaniell blogged about how long till I see results motivates me.(Hint: Even if it take 5 year to get th
Hi Everyone,We are all happy to see our pages on the first page of Google. Right?We therefore need to stay on top of the game.Content still remains the king. But which type of content?There are three main things that you have to consider:ExpertiseAuthority TrustworthyDoes any of those Scare you?To be an expert, you just have to write a quality article.(Remember nothing is perfect, bu if it doesn`t appeal to you, it will do the same to your readers.)Authority will just come automatically as you
May be you have been busy during the weekend and you are not aware of the wealthy affiliate black Friday Offer.Most companies have been giving insane discounts and Wealthy affiliate has not been left out. In fact, they give you 53% the normal Premium membership Price.If for any reasons you found this post and you are not a member, you can learn about it Here.(...and get the discount too)Every year, wealthy Affiliate gives a discount to their members. This year has been different as the offer ha
Happy Thanks giving!We are all affiliate marketers. In one way or the other, you may need to direct a visitor to the action that you want him/her to take.Although text CTA also works, you can still mix them up as all vistor react differently.Here is a useful resource that I want to share. It is also easy to use. Sky is the Limit,~Tony
You need not to show an income proof to build credbility. People will trust you if you help them out and show them what exactly other members are getting by taking our affiliate marketing training.It can be hard to find success stories. But hey, Do you have a page one rank for a keyword? If not, then you can. Use that as a proof.My aim of writing this blog is to share with you the great work of Jeremy. He has a proof of wealthy affiliate success stories. I believe you will benefit.https://my.we