Is Affiliate marketing halal?

Last Update: January 12, 2019

Disclaimer: This blog is especially for muslims who are not sure if Affiliate marketing is halal or haram (permissible or impermissible)

For those who chose to continue, i thank you for your time. Will try to keep it short.

I am no scholar to give a ruling on this subject. But with anything in this world, what you choose to do with the things you have will define if it is halal or haram.

What is Affliliate marketing?

It is a process of getting commisions when someone buys from your links.

Affliliate marketing will be haram!

It will be haram IF you are selling products which are haram. So, it is upon you to decide which products you would like to promote. This is the crucial step in keeping things halal.

Also, it will be haram only if the cost to buyer is increase due to your commission. But with affiliate marketing, whether they buy it from your like or buying it directly, the cost is same for them. You get comission which is from the seller. So it will he halal.

We can discuss this further in the comments section.

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For example:we promote SEMrush products which is SEO platform .After our promotion some pornographic or gambling industry member bought the product and with our help they are now using it and growing their business.Is this money that we earned through commision halal or haram to us?
Thank you.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Don't you think it is the latter followed by your description ?
I thought @Ameenmunaf2 will answer.
CPA Marketing is halal or haram
Ameenmunaf2 Premium
It again goes with the same concept.. what are you marketing? As long that foundation is clean i dont see cpa being bad as its an option given to you and you are not the one pressing against that option.
thanks If i promote good products is it halal ?
CathAnon Premium

I did not think to bring faith into business. Only to ensure that the business I am doing is ethical.

Without being acquainted with the nuance of your faith, it is good to note we agree on a point stated above: that in affiliate marketing, whether they buy it from me or from someone else, the cost is the same for the buyer.

So if this is an area of hesitation in a potential muslim referral, I'm glad for the clarification and the conclusion that affiliate marketing is halal.

With a potential muslim referral, I will thus emphasise that we here at WA are guided by the ethics of good and fair business practices.
Ameenmunaf2 Premium
Thank you for the comment. You may definitely use this point to convince who is hesitating