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Last Update: October 22, 2009

I am very busy with school so I have not had as much time to devote to WA as I could use. I know that WA is important to my future, so I am not neglecting it, I am putting in the time when I do not have homework etc. My schooling is related to Visual Communications and advertising so it is useful and transferable skill development that will work with aspects of internet marketing. Anyway enough about me. I just wanted to be an encouragement to all WA members to be consistent in their efforts regardless of being overwhelmed with the vast array of info here at WA. For the new members..please be patient and do no expect immediate results. I am a new member as well, and have not had any success as of yet. But hey that is alright because I am treating it as a learning experience. That is what WA is, a top notch continuing tutorial and a giant support group for people from all walks of life. I am spending a lot of time welcoming new members and encouraging their involvement. The more we get involved in the community the stronger WA will be. I know what I am saying is not anything special or profound but part of my mission is to help others and if what I say sparks one person to get focused and grow with this community then it is well worth the effort.


(amazing1..I draw mazes..check them out if you want at Google: Mazes By Brian Hansen I am listed top 2 or three.)

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DrMarie Premium
Brien: Thank you. It is nice to see a great person with such a good heart on here. And thanks for the gold. I did not even realize you had done that until today! You are a nice guy and I hop0e this program is working for you! Marie