How to Remove SPAM Backlinks

Last Update: June 14, 2020

Check Regularly Site Performance

I regularly, check my site SEO improvement at least every two days. When I checking the site performance, I could see, there were amazing backlinks for my site I never have seen before..

Regularly, I check such as backlinks, and site audit and performance, etc. from Ahrefs SEO tool.

Then, I tried to find out what are they? And where are coming from?

Then I read more articles. Then, I found better supportive article from Ahrefs blog.

Here are that (Not a referral link)

Following image, you also could see what such backlinks on the site. The same way, I suggest you to check your site too. If you have Ahrefs tool that is better, But, other tools, I don’t know how to use them.

I couldn’t keep a main dashboard image at that day, But, I tell you, If you have Ahrefs account, you can log into it then, put your domain then you can find your site details same as following

Under backlinks, I showed More than 40K backlinks at that time, from this picture it is 292. I thought surely these were spammings.

After that,

Modified: following picture you could get by clicking Refering Domain Numbers

After then, I clicked “Links to Target” to set links from maximum to minimum. Then, I found following sites are can’t be understand as real backlinks. And it might suspecious sites.

What are the Spamming Backlinks and Where are the Coming from?

One backings type were more than 20K. Then, I checked, what pages were that backlinks generate.

(When it clicked the number 21732, highlied one) folllowing picture.

In this picture, you can see, there are no pages, but there are long codes repeating it 20K times.(left side of the picture)

I understood that were sure spamming backlinks. Then, that Ahrefs Blog said, if you fond spamming backlinks, then tell to Google to avoid them.

How to do it

Create a list of URLs in the text file with analyzing those are suspicious domains, and add it into Disavow Tool within Google Search Console. But, when we go to add them to Google Disavow tool says, please verified this sites are surely backlinks, otherwise, it effects for you site. Then, before submitting them to tool. I verified all are spamming backlinks. Then I added to the tool.

Then, after 5 or 6 hours, again I checked the site performance from Ahrefs tool. Wow!, now it is corrected, the Spamming vanished. But, I don’t know, it was permanently has gone. But, now it is OK my site not problem. Now.

I tell you to check regularly every three days or once a week. Then, you can identify, if there are any suspicious thing happen to your site.

That is my real example to know you to if you suffer such a problem you can avoid it.


I think, this will help you.

Please share your comments or quesions

SAM "not a spam lol"

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dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Sam,

Nice and useful information. Very beneficial. Learn something new today. Thanks for sharing your experiences using the Ahrefs SEO tools. I am amaze by the possibility of having more in depth analysis of site performance.

What impress me most is the ability to remove spam backlinks. Good feature to differentiate whether it is real or fake clicks. As they are people who uses robots to generate clicks.

Well done !

David Koh
AmazeCPS Premium
HI, David Koh, Happy to share with you, if it is helpful that is my expectation. Good Luck
dkohsh88 Premium
Best of luck, Sam.
ecocatherine Premium
Great info, thank you I have saved it.
AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, it will help you. welcome you Catherine.
Thabo4 Premium
Thanx for the information
AmazeCPS Premium
You are welcome
edhozubin Premium
Thank you very much for the share AmazeCPS.
AmazeCPS Premium
You are welcome
Nellya Premium
Thanks - very useful. I will follow the same technique to clean up my backlinks.
AmazeCPS Premium
sure, if there are spams, you can clearly touch. Keep in touch with site performance.