I've been Slacking

Last Update: February 02, 2016

Hello WA Family

I have had a break from WA and stopped writing a while. I have resubscribed on 30th day wow that was lucky i'd have lost all that I've built.

This time I have to make the effort to write 3 quality blogs a week and hope that I start monetizing soon (I have been a member since May 2015) perhaps my niche re funding your Gap year is not a good one..I have been following step by step and putting the hours in, however I stopped my monthly subscription as worried Im just not getting it and need to have a rethink where this is going for me.

Anyway Im back and will keep tryin

All the best


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johnhevans Premium
I know its hard at times to stay active. I beleive we have all experienced that over the years.But the key when working on your website is to be consistent. Try you darnest to write 3 blogs every week no matter what. You will see you ranking improve and that will drive you that much harder. Happy blogging.
Alpine15 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate that. All the best