the sadness i feel about other people problems

Last Update: June 06, 2018

Hi WA family i just stop in to let y'all in my daily world. I have many medical problems going on with me on a daily. That gets me down and depress and even mad at times but i have a major problem with making other people problems mind. I guess i just grew up like that i have always been a caring person where it affects me and our oldest daughter is the same way but i said that to so this i went and picked my husband from work and it was raining so hard that i could barly so the road in front of me but as the windshield wiper was going a mile a minute i glanced to the right of me on the side of the road and i see this lady and her son sitting on the bus stop the little boy couldn't have been now more the 5 yrs old and she was trying her best to keep him from getting wet now mind you im driving down a back road where there's nothing but trees and now where they can go for cover. That just broke my heart cause they would have had to walk miles to get anywhere to take cover so i turn around and ask here could i take her somewhere to get that little snuggle bug and her out the rain. She said i don't have anywhere to go and her and her baby daddy had a fight and he threw them out the truck i was furious at that point so i only had a hundred dollars for grocery that i had to pick up when i got my husband from work today but i took the young lady and her son to the motel and to get them something to eat so when we got to the motel the little boy said hey lady guess what my dad say. I said what do your dad say baby? he say he hates black people so i told him baby lets not worry about what your dad have to say lets get you and mom together first and mom can deal with that later. Long story short i got that all took en care of picked up my husband and the first thing he said was what's to eat baby so i explain the whole story to him and i told him had my emergency money which is 10.00 i keep in my purse at all times and we picked up some soup and went home. and me being me i went to worrying about Kelly and guess who called me to tell me they are ok and she wasn't going back to here baby daddy she had called her mom and she was going to wire them some money. I just thank god for Kelly she's only 23 and from Jersey i just think about my baby girl she's only 26 and our 28 and the oldest is 30 and if anything happen to my girl like that i would love for someone to help them cause our daughters don't stay in the same town as us and i worry a lot about them. But what good about this is me and Kelly will stay in touch with each other i have a little friend.

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Bryan8 Premium
There's always someone worse off than we are. In the long run you will be blessed for your kindness! Congratulations.
Alomach1 Premium
@bryan8 it would be a blessing just to see the people change and stop teaching our future kids bad things. Me myself white and Spanish my dad's mother is white and my mom mother is Spanish and white also. But for me I feel like our children be raised to feline no one....