feel low

Last Update: June 25, 2018

  1. Hi WA family, I have been feeling real frustrated a couple of day's can't get this sugar or blood pressure down. My sugar 420 and blood pressure 215/ this bother me cause I'm always at my husband throat and he tries so hard to help me deal with a lot. But he away tells me its better than it used to be because now he understands what I go through on a daily. So I'm sitting her now trying to get my head on right to get through the lesson and still can't concentrate to save my life. I have messed up somewhere in lesson 5 and can't figure out what step I have missed wow can't wait until my husband get home and I'm worried about this diabetic surgery I won't to have so it's just a lot on my mind. Well I guess I'm find to lay back awhile heart beating a mile a minute like I'm a new born baby sweating like a hog well more medication and slept guess that mean I'll be having a date with the hospital later on when the hubby get in if I can't get this sugar down.
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