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August 13, 2018
Hi everybody,After 7 months practicing affiliate marketing, I got my checklist for publishing posts. It might be useful to less experienced than me and more experienced members are very welcome to add to my list items which I missed. So, here it is:First DraftKeywordsLong tail keywordSeo title, headlines, URL, description, alt textTagsFeature ImagePinterest ImageMinify ImagesMake Pinterest Image invisible on the post ( <div style="display: none;"></div>)BannerInternal linksCall To A
Hi community,It's my 6 months mark. WA community must have something special to keep me here for such long time.As I am not very good at writing love letter, I will keep it short.There were ups and downs during these first 6 month. My plans are not accomplished so I will have to stick around little bit longer.I wish this to be thank you note to all you kind and helpful people that I had a pleasure to communicate with. You are the reason WA is great place to be in.With best wishes to you all,Ale
June 23, 2018
I wish to share this quote as it seems like the central point for what we are trying to achieve:“The key to wealth is to learn how to make money while you sleep.” Jean Paul GettyDo you agree?
I was wondering what a better approach is :1.To promote many productswith smaller commission orto promote fewer products with higher commissions2.To promote products from many niches or to promote products from one specialised niche 3.To promote digital products or to promote physical productsor to promote both types I know it would be ideal to promote many digital products with higher commision from one specialised niche, but is it possible?As a beginner, I have to go wide and see what
June 18, 2018
Hi Guys, i just relaized that text on my Custom Homepage should be changed because form for entering details for sign up used to be on the right side and now form for entering email address is below. Please, see image:
I am not really depressed kind of person, but this affiliate marketing does get on my nerves from time to time.Does following happen to you:You do your best to write a fantastic post and then nothing.You pay somebody else to write an excellent post for you and then nothing.You pay for FB advertising and nothing.You do PPC and nothing.If I were happy about the above, it would strange!Of course, this is not exclusive for affiliate marketing, and it happens in any field, but somehow I never read p
I got a message fro Kyle this morning:I have to tell you that 299 is much nicer looking number than 300.It took 118 days, 51 posts and pages, 493 referrals, 70 referrals who set-up their account and some ups and downs but it was worth it. These 8$ are worth hundred times their nominal value. It doesn't matter how confident you are; it really feels great when you get real proof that your efforts are starting to pay off.Whatever you do the First time is the Best!I have a message to newcomers : Ne
It may seem strange to compare affiliate marketing and sport but having in mind; the affiliate marketers constant struggle to get to the first page of Google and stay there as long as possible affiliate marketing and sport have in common more than it seems at first glance.If Affiliate Marketing was a sport, what would it be?100 meters 110 meters hurdlesmarathondecathlonchessfootball 4 × 100 meters relay ...In my books, closest to affiliate marketing would be decathlon + chess because you
April 07, 2018
Three months in WA seems like a long and short time. Long because of hard work and short because of lack of tangible results. To summarize: I fill like running long run with hurdles!When I overcome one hurdle, the next one appears. Maybe this is the race without finish line?In any case, the race is still on, and I am in good shape. Some refreshment in the form of affiliate commission would give additional wind in my sails! Regards,Alex
One of the features I like the most is SiteComment. For a simple reason, As a beginner, I have a problem to get visitors to my website let alone to get comments. What I see as the problem is that everybody is just making sure that comment is long enough and on the subject and usually full of praises to the author, so no rejection happens. I admit I do it similarly because at the beginning I wrote a comment asking questions and disagreeing with an author. My comment was rejected hence now my com