What I Missed Reviewing Level One

Last Update: February 13, 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve been in my Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC) courses. I found my old WA notebook where I’ve written down all the notes. I started Level One back in 2016. Yeah, time for an upgrade!

Instead of trying to recover where I left off in Level 2, I went back to Level 1. It never hurts to start over.

Hoo boy, I’ve missed out on some valuable information. Would’ve made life easier for me. Therefore it’s best to stay on course.

What the heck was I doing the first time around?

Here's what I missed out the first time:


Almost every time you enter WA, a message pops up announcing a cool live upcoming webinar. The best ones always come at a time when I’m still at work or too tired to even focus on an hour-long course at night (my bedtime’s usually around 8 or 9).

Instead of feeling awful for skipping on these events, I can always go back to the replays (duh). Sheesh, this is why I need to hang out at WA more often.

Now, I can spend my free time watching all the webinars my heart desires. It’s like Netflix, but with greater value (sorry Netflix fans).


I stopped using Jaxxy after I was off WA’s free membership. I didn’t think to use it again after I’ve became a premium member.

I have unlimited access to Jaxxy now! All the wonderful keywords are within my grasp. Ah, the benefits of premium membership. No more old school Google searches!


I can go to answers.com for blogging and keyword inspiration. It’s pretty much like Quora. When people have questions, it’s an opportunity to create something that’ll provide a solution to their needs.


How many times I have to say premium membership is awesome? I can host up to 25 websites! 25!!! I don’t know what I’ll do with 25 sites, but I’m sure they’ll be needed one day.

My current niche is books. Other ideas for the other sites may include organic foods, travel, and video games. For now, I’ll focus on my first site. I must master my website skills before I can hop to another site.


I’m currently going through Level 2. Let’s see what’s in store. 2019 is going to be an interesting year.

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BobRoman Premium
Nice one! Keep it up!
AlexandriaD1 Premium
Thanks, Bob! :D
kimwolfe Premium
Super valuable points. It is easy to see why WA is worth so much more. How are you coming along with your book niche website?
AlexandriaD1 Premium
Honestly, it's super slow lol. I've been on and off with the site since I've been busy with other writings outside of WA. This year, I'm doubling down on my book niche site I've made in WA and taking the OEC courses.

Things change once I decide to change, y'know? ;-)
kimwolfe Premium
LOL. Yes, I know - : )