My Time at Wealthy Affiliate So Far

Last Update: January 27, 2014

Good day brothers and sisters.

My time at Wealthy Affiliate has been a great one so far. This is a great community. People are friendly, very helpful, and they keep you motivated ! I can say that I have never known anything website related( building) till I joined here this year. I have learnt a thing or two about websites and online marketing in a short space of time and for that I'm thankful. I will continue to try to learn as much as possible in my journey in this venture. There has been times where I have doubted myself but I try to keep focused on my goals and objectives and always remembering that the road is not for the fast but for the ones who can endure.Its a mental game that we must win. I have not gained any money as of yet, still in the process of adding more and more content on my website and other ways of making it more attractive. At the moment that is my goal, adding content that will make people stay on my website and gaining rankings in google. I still have major work to do in that regard (still not fully comfortable with key words and seo). However I have received motivation from people around me and from this community to help me progress further. In a month or two hopefully I would achieve the goals of having a good ranking in google as well as having enough content on my website ! When that goal is accomplished then I will get the affiliate program that I plan to connect with. In 4-6 months I would like to start gaining. My website is .

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phawat1711 Premium
hi ALEX24 How are you ?? welcome to w/a and would sucess on 214 goal goals!!!!!
Alex24 Premium
Doing good and thanks. All the best to you as well
Karyskis Premium
Keep up the good work.
Alex24 Premium
thank you