Almost 1 year on!

Last Update: March 06, 2019

Time to reflect and review.

Well, I cannot beleive that it is now just on 12 months that I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have learnt so much in that time. My learning journey has not been just about becoming more skilled in the technical aspects but also having to come to terms with realising that this is about learning how to be determined, persistant, above all very very patient.

The honest truth about all this is that I have had many up's and down's along the way as I suspect many of you have as well. There has been numerous moments when out of sheer frustration and struggle I have been very tempted to let go and give up, I have to admit, but as I have been so encouraged by so many of you wonderful W.A. members here, to persevere no matter how discouraging my setbacks have been.

Initially, I had one referral for which I received some monthly commisions, but this stopped after several months, which I can only assume that the person must have cancelled their account at this stage. Since then, I have continued to do the training but been stranded at certain stages where I was unable to complete some of the tasks requested. Since then, I have gone back and am currently re-doing all the O.E.C. training to determine whether I have overlooked some important points here.

If you read my previous blog, you will have seen that i have just had my latest blog post published with over 1000 words and have had some very positive comments which really excited me, but I am still struggling with connecting my Amazon Affiliate links to this post.Also, I am still trying to master some of the editing skills needed to improve the appearance and structure of my site generally.

I was advised that I need to create more posts of over 1000-2000 words or more inorder to attract some traffic and I will be aiming for this in future.

Therefore as you can see, I have gained a lot of invaluable knowledge and skills, along the way here but despite this have yet to see any real income and revenue and traffic which would have fired my motivation sooner I beleive.

One of my sticking points is learning to dealing what appears to be failures on my part to grasp some of the training and implement in the right way. as I have stated previously my aim is to change my mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset in the long term in order to be successful.I am continuing to read as much as I can about this subject and would encourage others to do similar.

Emotional Intelligence-Do We use it?

On another aspect of our learning here, I have to ask myself some questions. During our learning experiences here do we allow our emotions to help or hinder our rate of progress. Do we recognise the different emotions that arise while we are working and learning how to move forward.Many of us have expressed they have experienced "emotional roller-coaster" periods during their training and working at W.A. When I get really get frustrated and sometimes quite angry and desperate when something just does not work or I fail to understand a process, I have found that the best thing to do is to stop, move away, take a break, do something completely different and return later when I am more calm and feel less threatened by it all.

I do not beleive that we can avoid many of the changing emotions that we may encounter,whilst doing the training or building and improving our websites, but what we can choose to do is to quickly identify and expose which emotion is affecting us at any point and then we can potenially seek to become emotionally intelligent. There has been some books written about this subject. I read one many years ago and may look it up again called "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman ( I beleive I have spelt his name correctly)

Well I have bared my soul in this blog just to give you an over view of what I have experienced here at Wealthy Affiliate. My hope is that I will continue to work on my website and complete all the training one way or other and eventually be success ful here. Despite all my struggles and challenges, I have total confidence in the organisation and training resources available here at W.A. , but I must apply my self more diligently and work more effectivly. I must not allow any negative mindsets and emotions to de-rail my progress and success here. There will be ups and downs along the way, but I must learn to conquer these with courage and conviction as I owe it o myself and to my family and friends to be successful as others have been. With God's help, I truly want to be one of the 1% who are successful, not the other 99% who give up along the way.

I sincerely hope this has given a boost to your morale especially if you are new to W.A. and have kindly taken time out to read this. If you have any comments,questions or information to add, please leave them below and I will respond to them as soon as I can

Wishing you every blessing and success here and in all you do!


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kpercival55 Premium
Thanks for sharing Alan!
I wish you much success. One of the keys is to continue to write content and not worry about perfection. Just write, write, write! You can always go back and fine tune even after you publish.
I’m still working on taking my own advice as my content isn’t where it needs to be.
Just don’t give up!
We WILL be in the 1%!
All the best,

rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing, courage.