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October 13, 2017
I have decided to give up!There are several factors here.My eye sight is getting worse and extended computer use is making it worse. Too many years of being in the IT industry and over use of my eyes.After being away in UK and then returning to China I have my second apartment set up and such a beautiful area. All I want to do is hike there and not sit at a computer day and night fighting with the technicalities of running a website.Final straw, is the Chinese government has virtually shut any
I requested 25 comments through WA so I had to do 50 comments myself over the last 3 days. In return I got my first 6 subscribers to my website.Now I will start adding more reviews. Should I add email now or wait to reach that point in the training? I really want to add more content and reviews right now and not get distracted by email.Any thoughts from WA?Alan-C
Take when you are using Wordpress and looking at the preview when still in draft mode. For 2 days running I have had incorrect views shown. This was using a table that I had created containing affiliate links to; and I previewed in draft mode the tables were simply all over the place. I spent an hour trying to work it out. In fact there was nothing wrong. When I published it, accidentally, I saw that the tables and links were perfect.P.S. I never got pretty lin
I am a frequent user of Keynote because the school where I work here in China is MAC based for the most part. I love Keynote because it is so easy to use when compared with PowerPoint and feature rich too. For example, if I want to mock up any pictures and create a white background, I use Keynote because it allows you to get rid of backgrounds on pictures and create a white only background using the image feature "Instant Alpha". So, this latest news is good news for me. You can now embed
Almost finished Course 2 with some with my first Google Post outstanding because I do not have enough bandwidth to deal with Google at the moment during this national holiday in China. Even today I had to wait 10 minutes for this blog screen to appear. So when that happens I do some training or something like that as a background task. Not the best way of working but there is not much choice. (This is the 2nd time I created this blog as got a message saying I can only do 1 blog a day in my
This guy has an interesting viewpoint. (But expect him to sell to you on the video.) I am not promoting him or his product either.I am no where near this stage yet where I have this problem but some of you may be. That's why I posted it. your success Alan
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I found this discussion on YouTube really interesting dated June 2013. It is entitled "How to Use Google+ for Business" . Presenter is James Maguire with Mike Elgan (Google followers = 2.4 million) and Yifat Cohen (Google followers = 48 thousand). The link is couple of really interesting points for me were:Anything you do on Google+ is indexed instantly.Avoid using stock photos, use your own.Google is a combination of Twitter, Facebook and has
March 14, 2017
I've had a great 2 days of working on my website on my days off from teaching and it feels really good.Firstly, I managed to upload all my problematic images and a lot more without any further problems. Secondly I posted a new page today with all the images in it. Thirdly, I changed my theme to something more flexible and to my mind it looks better for what I want in the future. Finally I worked out that I have to keep on changing VPN servers around the world as active time zones change. Al
Internet is really slow and has been for 2 days now as it is political season annual congress party meeting here in China. Happens every year and every year the internet is slow. I really only get 1 full day a week to work on my site so today i set about trying to resolve the image upload problems using the recommended route from Support. (See my questions for this) downloaded FileZilla did the excellent training https://my.wealthyaffiliat
Somewhere in the midst of my comments there were some posts about how to correctly attribute the owner to a picture and I knew I had seen how to do it somewhere in Wordpress but I could't repeat it again. Anyway 2 days ago I discovered it again when loading pictures to Wordpress.The you insert a picture into a Wordpress page you should click on that image. The click on the little pencil sign to edit the image. If it is not already showing Advanced features, click on the advanced features arro