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This is a concern that always confusing me....Even from the beginning until now, I am still thinking if any niche could be very successful? Anything could be a niche, but if a niche with passion is not really works on the way you want, what would you do? We aimed to choose a niche with our passionate, so the niche would be what we are enjoying to do, but if there is no progress even keep writing content for a month, what should we do?Believe the belief!I am not going to trust that a niche would
In the past, I lose all of my money which I invested online....Before I had joined many programs out there including revenue sharing, investment, HYIP and much more, every of them became scams and vain! Seriously, I don't make a penny but lose all of them, why? They simply don't work! They are just something like always seeking for fresh money to survive the platform!Till the end of 2017...Hoo.... I found Wealthy Affiliate, after those experiences I strongly believe that operating own business
Somehow it is so excited or being worried.....Neither from Wealthy Affiliate, nor other affiliate program! Out of a sudden, I received multiple payments to PayPal account and multiple orders in my store. I just remembered back that recently I had written several contents with the targeted specific potential keywords which I researched in Jaaxy keyword tool awhile ago. Don't know if it would help?Little worrying....I had bad experience with PayPal before regarding the Seller Protection program w
June 23, 2018
This means nothing to a very successful marketer, but for me it was so excited!I just got an email from Wealthy Affiliate mentioned that my second website was indexed and found by Google! This was a great step to show that the thing is start to running and improving, now is the writing content turn!Once indexed your content would be ranked at higher rate!As stated in the email, as we keep building the content, search engines would start to notice us slowly. Now it is time to write the content w
Seriously, sometimes I would feel tough when going through the training..I think not only me, but many of us also! Why? I decided to combine the mostly likely happen issue altogether and look for the improvement and opinion! Undoubtedly, I would still go with my passion, nothing to worry about! Keep going, never give up! :)Is that normal? Is that possible? To happen occasionally? Do you have a tough time also?Sometimes I would feel the training is too long to bored.I always feel hard to continu
June 18, 2018
I feel so surprised about this!When I was looking some information relating to '' Closure of Account '' in Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed that still many of us wanting to delete their account, it was even applied for both Premium and Starter. Mostly from Starter Membership, they are asking to close their account and mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate is simply not for them!I just read the comments and some even screaming scams to Wealthy Affiliate, which was actually they can't get a precise answer
June 16, 2018
Good memories should be shared out!Another great achievement so far in Wealthy Affiliate, finally I witnessed the perseverance is possible to make your expectations happen! You can't exclude Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community since success, achievement and accomplishment are happening every day here and I am very excited to hear the success stories from awesome members!This was a good milestone, it's unbelievable that my name is now appeared in the top 200 rank list! I have a strong feel
I just asked this question 1 hour ago!I wrote a content for '' About Me '' page as per the training showing in the SiteContent, but what I had noticed was that I published it as a page, but it would still allow others to comment. Out of curiosity, I tried to create another new page with exactly the same content, then publish it. Guess what happened? The new published page simply won't allow others to comment! Yes I am using the same theme to do the test! I am wondering is that a bug or maybe th
Just a very quick and simple question here!As the subject said, do I need to re-submit the sitemaps everytime I created a new post or page for my website? Or it would be updated automatically?Thank you in advance, now aiming to create post with specific keyword as Kyle said, to rank better in search engine! :)
Quite a lot of achievements already!Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate until now, I have accomplished many great achievements so far such as have my website get indexed by search engine, really making much of the awesome friends here, learning and getting perks about online business! Actually it's really unbelievable of if I don't have enough patience for the training here, then I won't be able to enjoy this amazing experience in this community! I think now it's time to get my second website read