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Last Update: June 30, 2018

In the past, I lose all of my money which I invested online....

Before I had joined many programs out there including revenue sharing, investment, HYIP and much more, every of them became scams and vain! Seriously, I don't make a penny but lose all of them, why? They simply don't work! They are just something like always seeking for fresh money to survive the platform!

Till the end of 2017...

Hoo.... I found Wealthy Affiliate, after those experiences I strongly believe that operating own business and website is more reliable, don't you feel? Building a website is even easier than a shop or building, customizing a website is much simpler than a renovation of place. When you want to start a business in reality, you have to think about the place, renovation, application, preparing legal document, registration of company name, have stock ready, what a complicated process! In short, online is simplified and could be more success than offline! Just to say, this is the power of internet!

What I noticed was that online business does't seems to be so complicated and even more reliable to achieve the things we want! :)

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JosonInc Premium
You are right on, Ajun !

AJunTan Premium
Thanks Joe! Let's keep going, again and again! :)
MiaL Premium
I agree. WA certainly makes being an online business entrepreneur achievable and accessible to anyone. Best of luck to you!
AJunTan Premium
I agreed with you! Undoubtedly this is for anyone, but may not for everyone, we have different perspective! Wish you all the best too! :)
MKearns Premium
Great for business opportunity!
AJunTan Premium
Yes no doubt! :)