Why Do I Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: October 10, 2016

Hi Guys, it's been a while since I posted but I am very busy developing my websites.

I have been with WA for over seven months now, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The learning tools, the lessons to become an online entrepreneur, the weekly video classes with Jay, the keyword research tool (I could go on forever :-)) are outstanding and have helped me to build my two websites.

I started as a Newbie with no knowledge about Internet Marketing whatsoever. I am amazed at what I have achieved in this short amount of time.

Even though one of my websites is in the travel niche, I managed to publish a couple of posts to promote WA, and it fits in quite nicely.

I feel so passionate about Wealthy Affiliate University and the opportunity it offers to everyone who is serious about building an online business. The amazing community I have found inside WA and the support I get from like-minded members is second to none. Thank you for that. I appreciate you.

But there is also another reason. Lately, I have read some blog posts about How to blog? How easy it is to create a website (for under $50 !) and then offering their readers to sign up for an online course that would cost another $30 plus or so. These blog posts have lots of followers and shares mainly on Pinterest. That's where I found these blogs by the way.

Somehow I got annoyed about the false promises these writers make. Everything is easy peasy, right. Just sign up for an online course and the money will start rolling.

No words about that it takes time, commitment, passion, work and resilience to built a successful blog or online business.

So I thought it is time to promote WA and give interested people a real opportunity to follow their dreams and ambitions.

Dream Big - Take Action - Join Wealthy Affiliate

After all, it is free to join with two free websites plus a ten lessons online course. You won't get this anywhere else.

To Our Success!


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JudeP Premium
Fab post Anke :)
AHohaia Premium
Thank you, Jude.
All the best from Anke
MPollock Premium
Great post. keep it up.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Say it like it is Anke, WA is a really good opportunity, got us all. Great post.
AHohaia Premium
Thanks, Alexander!
Have a great day - Anke
GaryHelm Premium
Excellent post Anke. I found it to be very motivating.
I'm certainly lookiong forward to reading more of your material.
Have a Great Week

AHohaia Premium
Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Gary!
Have a great week too!
Thanks Anke
Dreamer56 Premium
Hey Anke! Nice post and great graphic.
AHohaia Premium
Thank you, Tim! Much appreciated.
Best, Anke