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After writing your keyword rich content – preferably over 1,000 words – and giving it the perfect headline, you may have to consider checking out a few things before hitting the Publish button.These actions positively affect your On-page Search Engine Optimization.Proof read your content to eliminate spelling errors. Grammarly is a tool you can use.Add relevant images. Copyright free/Royalty free images can be got from sites like Pixabay, StockSnap, Pexels and Unsplash.Add appropria
I could not resist the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Premium Membership 2019 offer, so I decided to subscribe. I consider this my early Christmas gift so I can now concentrate on achieving the following in 2020.Focus on optimizing my existing website to generate incomeBuild a new affiliate marketing websiteThis also gives me more time to engage in more research on affiliate programs, niche keywords, site ranking and preparing training. As usual, I will rely on my premium coaches and the
Travel & Leisure as a niche is a wonderful choice when starting out to build a website. It can be narrowed down to say continents, countries, or even regions. Many great websites are even more specific to cover fields like hotel bookings, safaris listings, beaches to visit, flights to book, accessories needed by travelers, while other share personal stories and experiences.The Travel & Leisure niche is an exciting and interesting one that can generate income, get you faithful followers
To access Site Health, we go to Websites> Site Manager> and look out for a bar towards the top right corner. Click on View Details. There will be percentages indicated for Publishing Frequency, Content Quality & Variety, Visitor Engagement (Comments), Your Engagement, Plugins, Site Trust, Google Ranked and Website Feedback.In my early days of building my website, I will be concentrating on Publishing Frequency due to the main reason that my website will always be offering visitors reg
February 14, 2019
This month, I had set out to grow my website by adding more content and finding ways to drive traffic to it. However, the requirements of my day job combined with family activities kind of pushed me off balance, making me lose focus of my two goals.I had to get my focus back and fast! My main challenge being time, I have made sure I utilize the free time I get to do something on my website or with the WA Community.On the WA platform, these are my avenues of maintaining focus.- Respondi
It is now a month since I took a decision to join the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I always wanted to run a website but didn't know how to start. The opprotunity presented itself in December 2018 and I received it with both hands.I have achieved the following in the last 30days;Received 2 training certification badges (3 to go)Setup my first website currently with 1 page and 9 postsI have made friends; and connected with wonderful people. Today I welcome my 400th follower.Upgraded my premium su
January 12, 2019
Late December 2018, as I was looking up for information on a marketing program I joined some years back and abandoned, I landed on a link that led me to Wealthy Affiliate.I had at the start of 2018 wanted to set up my own website but had no idea how I achieve my goal and what it took. I was clueless about affiliate marketing, niches, and content formulation.Fast forward… at Wealthy Affiliate, I have been able to achieve more in a short time as far as achieving may goal and setting my dre
I am making steps of progress with Wealth Affiliate towards owning my first fully efficient webiste. This is a gigantic step towards realising my dream.The help, support and moral received so far is encouraging that makes me look forward to Level 2.