Pentagon Awards Cloud Contract To Microsoft NOT Amazon - Nothing To See Here Folks.Yet Again

Last Update: October 29, 2019

Surely a "surprise" for Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) which called the Pentagon's decision to award its cloud services contract to Microsoft and not to Amazon: "drama".

But then there are also those who make a conscious decision not to dwell or stroll in Willy Wonka's Adventureland and saw this coming.

I mean, you do not have to be Einstein to figure out that the Pentagon wasn't going to award (read give access to its top secret data) its cloud services to any US tech giants which various US federal regulatory and judicial agencies and state attorney generals are heavily investigating and which will most likely unleash some havy fines and regulatory constraints at end of that process, right?

Gee, who could have seen that "surprise" coming?

Where did we hear those warnings before?

Ahhh, yes, it was when that tree fell in the forest and no one heard it....or cared to hear.

But hey, nothing to see here folks, the band still plays on and the champagne still flows in the Titanic ballroom and, after all, crashing into icebergs in the middle of the ocean is of no real consequence but just a fleeting distraction.

Nor are icebergs more than what we can see on the water's surface, the tip ofthe iceberg, so it's all good folks...

Just like with the love for the [undetermined ingredients] sausage, some will still love Amazon no matter what, Some others shake their heads in disbelief and see a prima facie case of the Stockholm Syndrome. Or head in the "clouds", no pun intended.

Enjoy the show amigos.



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JKulk1 Premium
So it's all up in the clouds then
Joes946 Premium
Some interesting information. Not surprised.