Stop Asking for Income Proof!

Last Update: Oct 17, 2015


Obviously, this post is directed more towards people who are new here at WA. Sometimes I will see created questions or comments in the getting started course that goes something like this...

Can I ask how many people are earning $10K/month? How long did it take them? I wanna see proof to decide if this whole internet marketing stuff is worthwhile.

Then some newbie would also reply to that comment saying, that's a good question, I would like to know that as well.

Of course I can totally understand this question especially if this is the first time you've known about this or if you've been scammed before.

But the proof that you're asking so you can prove that making money online works is staring you right in your face.

There are a ton of ways to earn an income online. The proof that I'm going to show here only deals with 3 aspects of making money online. They are:

  • Selling your own product
  • Retail, and
  • Promoting someone else's business

The good thing here is that the proof I'm going to show you all exists in ONE website!

So what site am I talking about?


Amazon sells their own product line, they sell consumer goods using multiple channels and they have an affiliate program (Amazon Associates).

Without even searching I think you'll have a pretty good idea of how much revenue Amazon is generating and how much money they're paying their affiliates.

Now the main thing that WA focuses more is on the affiliate side of making money online. Remember Amazon's affiliate program? Why do you think they have one?

And the one key ingredient that makes all of this work is TRAFFIC.

How do you get traffic? Again we turn to the training here inside WA. Take note that there are a lot of ways to generate traffic but you can learn the most basic and proven ways here.

Of course it's not going to be as easy as it sounds and you'll know about it when you learn and take action.

Whatever amount you want, it's all up to you on what path you're going to take and how long you want to work for it. You can sell a product, go into retail, put advertising, offer a service, promote products of other people, anything you want!

Just make sure you have... TRAFFIC.

Now if you're asking for proof to make sure that WA is the right place, I suggest you check out the success section.

That's about it and I don't really know what else to say. haha.

Did my post enlighten you in some way? For more experienced members, how do you explain proof that IM works? Interested to hear what you think.

- Raymond

Recent Comments


So many people misuse the word scam. A scam only happens when there is a deliberate attempt to take your money and provide nothing for it.

Nice post. I completely agree with you. Just the fact that no one here claims to make "MILION of dollars in a short amount of time at home" is enough proof that this is not a scam. If you are a new member and look around the site, the majority of blogs and questions/answers here are about how to build your website, how to be patient, how to encourage each other to success,... So you should prepare, this is not a "get rich quick" website, this is a "build your business from the ground with a lot of hard work that will lead you to success" website. If you think you have the determination, the work ethic, and the will to be successful, then welcome abroad. If you are looking for a quick scheme to make money, I am sorry, this is not a website for you.

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