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Join the affiliate program today and start taking advantage of HIGH commissions and HIGH conversion rates! Earn $50 CPA for each new PC Postage customer! ($25 CPA for Coupon Code Sites) For each new, unique customer who signs up for the 4-week trial, you'll receive the $50 bounty ($25 for deals/coupon sites). It's that easy. is the easiest, most convenient way for customers to manage all their mailing needs. Over 500,000 individuals and businesses already use to print postage online from their own computer! That’s right, all it takes is a computer and printer to print USPS-approved postage for envelopes, packages, & even Priority Mail right from a home or office. does not allow the following promotion methods: We do not allow any form of email marketing. Unless approved in writing, we do not allow incentives that offer cash, points or prizes to be combined with our offer. We do not allow direct links to the &/or website in paid or sponsored search ads/links in search engines (please see our Keyword Link for details) Bidding on and/or TM term ALONE, and any variation of our trademarked terms is prohibited. TM + term is allowed. Our affiliates are prohibited from violating our competitor's trademarks. We have restrictions on copy that can be used to promote the program. Please refer to the Policies section in your Program Terms We do not allow anyone to defraud our services by advertising the canceling of our services after receiving free postage.

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philmedia Premium Plus
Check out their terms... in my expeirence companies want two things, traffic and brand values.

It is important also to think about who you want to be partnered with and the impact on your brand long term. Small niche traffic can be better than big mainstream traffic which is why a niche website even with a small audience can be powerful. Good luck, Phil
Does this company allow brand new websites to affiliate market with them?
IncomeLegion Premium Plus
You would have to check with their terms as WA does not own them, set, or maintain their policies. With as much money as is in it for you the legwork, you do now, might lead to a full-time income in a few short years.
Hackerist Premium
Usually, to join any affiliate program you must meet traffic requirements. You may want to email them at