Get To Australia - Need some pointers with my first site please :D

Last Update: November 01, 2012
Hi all,

I have been a member of WA for a couple of months now and for some reason havent been utilising the help of the online community!? Silly I know, I should have been a more active member but have been trying to focus building my site between my hectic working week and just kept putting it off...

I have written content for my site which is more of a draft at the moment than what I really require! I just find my self gettin pulled between each task and not fully concentrating on any in particular.

Does any one know how I feel? Any tips and tricks I can use to improve my productability?

Please also would love some feedback regarding my site so far to give me more direction and anything on there which is a big NO NO :D

Obviously there is a long way to go with it and just need to criticism to help me on my way!

Thanks in advance! :D


P.S. Below is one reason to move to Australia!
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admos88 Premium
Thanks for the feedback ppl :D Ty do you know how to remove the white text area please? I have just been messing around with Gimp the free alternative to photoshop trying to make a more appealing header image cos the text wasnt cutting it. Dude you are gonna love it mate, you here back packing?
I will be in May. Starting off in Cairns and hope to see as much of Oz as I can.
Hey Aaron.

I like the site. Just went through it and you have some great content. I'm moving to Australia for a year in May under a working tourist visa. Wish I could stay! :)

I agree with Ty's comments. Shorten the header :)
Ty Johnson Premium
One thing I see right off that would make it more appealing to me is a less clunky header area. You have it saying three different things and they don't really flow all that well. Maybe make it one statement that gives an overall idea of the site?

Also if your theme will allow it it might look good to make the banner invisible so that you can see the water and the text would be over the water rather than on a white background (not a huge deal)

The content seems to be pretty solid. Just shoot me a message if they start hiring salesmen lol I miss selling stuff!
admos88 Premium
haha your right I did forget the link lol :D Here it is!

Hope all is well Ty !
Ty Johnson Premium
you forgot to add a link to your site. As far as concentrating on one thing at a time follow the getting started training course and complete each task as you go and please get in the live chat and ask for help.

People that use the live chat do much better much faster than those who don't.