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Hello Everyone,I have just read a new training "How to Earn Money Writing Online" by one of our beloved WA members Robert (boomergp08) training is easy to follow and loaded with lots of juicy info. I totally agree with him in every points he made. Diversifying, and creating multiple income streams are important to internet entrepreneurs for long term success. I would like to share with you all what happened to me when I just made a small mo
April 14, 2015
To All My Dear Friends in WAverse, First of all, Please accept my sincere apologies for being inactive for some time without much explanation. Now I'm officially touching base reporting back to you on What I've been doing and not doing. I'll make it short and sweet.I Lost Focus I'm a Forex trader, and I still am. I actually chose Forex as my first niche to start my IM journey, and have written a few posts yet never feel the site is good enough to be shared here. After a bit thinking, I've decide
January 27, 2015
Hi Everyone, I am excited to announce that I have just gone yearly! It marks the full commitment to my online adventure with WA with all Awesome WAers. Wow, this is Huge, feeling like in party mood:). Something that deserves a celebration, isn't it? The last 35 days has been extraordinary. I've learnt tons, tons of how to work the IM the best way possible. Along the way, I was blessed to have met many incredibly friendly members who I knew were always there supporting me, answering whatever qu
Hello Friends How have you been getting along with 2015 so far? For me, it's been planing, testing and modifying plan for the year. In the process, I came across the quote copied below. Thought I'd love to share with you. “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” ― Edward Everett Hale I believe that Internet Marketing is one of somethings that I can do, and I am ON
My dear friends in WA, I'm excited to report back to you on my progress. I have completed Level 1 of Certification Course, and nearly complete Level 2. I have also joined WA affiliate BootCamp, just started though. Enjoyed all the training. My first niche is in Forex trading, my profession. A domain name purchased, website framework set up,working intensively on the contents right now. It's my 8th day here. Still very green, still curious about everything. One thing is becoming clear- I need to
December 25, 2014
I have just joined WA for 2 full days, and already LOVE the place! Wow, what a community we have here. As a newbie, I have to admit that I still try to get my head around. But the warmth that comes from welcomes from members is touching. Thank you everyone for your kind encouragement and support. I have completed 8 lessons out of 10 in Level 1, and also have set up my first website, and I am going to work on the contents soon. Big Thank you to all my followers who take interest in my growth and
I'm so excited to be here, on Xmas Eve. I have set a challenge for myself for the festive season - to test drive WA training and to get my first website up and running successfully. The Forex market is quiet for holidays so I've got time, nice:). I'll be back posting about how I go in a few days. Watch me...