Are short articles that track back better than long articles?

Last Update: June 30, 2017

I'm not sure if it was a blog I was actually on last night of someone's or if it was how their website was set up, but it was so much easier to run through. It was a short description of what the title was about and if you wanted to know more about that particular one you would hit a link in it to take you to that topic. Is that better on a site than writing the standard 1500 word or more article to get traffic flowing? I mean I could really get a lot of post going if all they had to be was this length and then link to another resource for them to get more details. It seems like I would get more visitors and probably more clicks to my affiliate links that way.

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CM4523 Premium
It won't have good SEO optimization for people to find your site and original content is a must if you want to keep traffic coming
addgypsee83 Premium
ok but as is i dont have good seo optimization, and i'm not generating traffic except for somebody just reading an article. i'm not generating any clicks on my ads or sales. My content is original, but it tends to bore even me, because it has to be so long. I get so much more interaction from like corresponding in groups i'm in in facebook. So how do I convert that to my site? Do I start a blog, on every aspect of my niche and share it to my site?