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October 12, 2017
Best smiles comes from the heart.. But Worries affects the Heart.. Don't give up, you are the best that can happen to that ideas and dreams of yours..Be encouraged and know that the later years shall be greater than the former.. I just saw a light at the end of the tunnel And l said to myself, keep it up cos you have the Best Smiles that comes from the Heart.
I was discouraged when l applied for Google AdSense for my ongoing website and got a disapproval. Well l braced up and encouraged myself in what l was determined to achieve.Sometimes the motivation you need to attain your dreams can be found in a little determined effort.l have been on my computer all day, working on my post and pages to be able to improve on my Content.... and here comes my little big 6 year-old to announce...., "mummy its time for little story and beeeeed"...l reluctantly str
October 21, 2016
It's good to connect with the right people to get the right opportunity. Personally, I am with the right people here having the right opportunity. Just got this thought right in my closet this morning