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Here in Australia, or "Straya" as most of us call it, the term we give to others or give each other by our fellow Australians, is the word "Stray-aliens"!.....Sounds like "Australians".Pretty straight forward in regard to how words sound like........ Australian - Stray-Alien !? Anyway, if you don't get it, please don't lose sleep over it!Fundamentally and basically, We are a strong breed, forged on the anvil of humour, hard work and resilience. This makes me a very proud "Stray Alien" indeed,
You know you've got things on your mind, when you begin to dream about them. This is exactly what has been happening to me lately on the W.A voyage. Staying up late every night, smashing through the tasks, activities, researching, reading and post writing. Only then to go to bed to find myself literally dreaming about it !!Dreaming of stationary, plug-ins, apps and messy scribble in notepads isn't my usual theme of dreams ! However, they are a far cry better than the darker ones that enter from