fried my phone

Last Update: August 05, 2015

Did not do it on purpose, but the indicators were there.

For some time there had been the occassional message from my phone that it was overheating, which seemed strange.

Then while relaxing in the sun -- while on vacation at the family cottage -- trying to keep the phone out of direct sunlight, it finally happened.

Had just shut down one open webpage, when the entire phone shut down and would not restart.

After a few hours tried again, this time the phone did restart and was usable for a short time. Then it happened again. It just shut down and would not restart.

Went through the cycle one more time, then no more.

Finally tried using the phone when plugged to a power cord. This time could turn it on and use it for texting and basic functions. However, this phone is not usable anymore.

In most cases the solution would simply be to get another phone.

Not so simple.

The service agreement with the phone is on a corporate plan through a former employer. Any changes & the service agreement is toast!

Now to start searching for a new service plan where I can get a good phone, reasonable airtime and a decent data plan in Canada at a reasonable cost.

I need a plan that can be used outside the main service areas as well.

Do any fellow Canadians have any suggestions!

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Wishing you well with that!
adaba063 Premium
thanks -- not solved yet, but did find a work around

can you image it was not the end of the world!

all the best,