Pandemic COVID-19

Last Update: March 22, 2020

Nobody is excempted infected or not we are all bound to obey.

Quarantine and lockdown

  • we go anywhere within the town perimeter one by one not two by two with a gate pass.
  • banks are closed maybe until April 14, here in the Philippines, or even beyond.
  • drug stores, two persons at a time, people are linging up outside under the heat of the sun.
  • no loitering around unless you need something to settle.
  • no institutional, organizational, government and non-government gatherings until April 14.

Positive Effect

  • noise and air pollution controlled or lessened verywhere but especially to urban areas
  • minimization of the spread of COVID-19
  • have enough time with the legit family for some
  • minimized crime

Earnest Plea to Wealthy Affiliate Management

  • one month grace period for WA bill payments (possibly until the end of April) or until the banks have resumed normally.


Special Plea To Wealthy Affiliate

That Wealthy Affiliate will grant to its premium members a one month international payment amnesty covering the month of March or April.

This is an expression of support and empathy to the greater membership who are struggling to see income in their online entrepreneurial venture with WA.

I think no platform has done this in times of need like COVID-19 and other past situations.

This will be a great move that will envite people to WA because they will see there is really people behind thinking not only of their own benfit but also for their own members around the world.

This is only a Plea

A plea can be heard but the response is arbitrary and optional. It's up to WA, they know what is best for us.

What if we all sign here by just saying yes to this plea and let's see what will happen when WA will read this. Join us to push this simple plea.

I think it's timely,

Jimmy Dolo

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Nelsonplea Premium
Yes to it!
accad Premium
Thank you. I hope Kyle and Carson say yes too.
FruRomeoChi Premium
Lockdown should be along side serious prayer for only God knows the future
accad Premium
We believe in that. He can even teach us with our own wrongdoing if this is Conspiracy Theory.