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Hello Everyone

My name is Abigail and Im a proud but determined newbie. I am a games designer by career but can't get my foot on the ladder, so to get me out of my 9 to 5 I joined WA.

I want to make loads of friends so please don't hesitate to buddy me.

As an element of fun, tell me your favourite console ever when you leave me a message and I will tally the results weekly.
I'll Start . . .
THE GAMEBOY COLOUR . . mine was purple :)
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webkab Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. There's lots of information here at WA. Don't let it get you overwhelmed. If you do the training from the training center and watch for specials like the 30 day training you will do fine. I also suggest that you go to potpiegirls blog and to the top of the page in the menu WAbinars. you will find videos on Potpiegirls blogs that will help you get started and in the Wabinars go to Affiliate Walk Through videos 1 & 2. Those will be very helpful. MUCH SUCCESS
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
TJ Books Premium
We have an Abby and she has two little ones (my great grandchildren). Work hard and smart and join the forums to meet people who know and can help you. John
morlandroger Premium
Welcome to WA. The more of us from the UK the merrier. Congratulations on the new arrival. You are in a great place to learn IM and I see that you have become a buddy with Jennifer (PotPieGirl), you will find her example as a stay at home/work from home mum an inspiration.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family