How Many Affiliate Disclosures Do You Need

Last Update: July 22, 2018

As we are gradually building out our websites and adding affiliate links to certain posts or reviews, we are all made aware about the use of affiliate disclosures. I recently saw the video made by JAY about using disclosures and it covered a lot of goog points.

Now when referring to the affiliate disclosure in the site content platform i noticed that it is referring to the use of Amazon. Now the big question is would we need a disclosure for each affiliate network that we use or can the disclosure be adjusted to name a certain network or merchant,?

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JimTheFin Premium Plus
I used to put it in each article/review, but now I have a separate affiliate disclosure page on my site. I may still put in my reviews "for more information click my affiliate link here". I think that should be enough. But I am no attorney.
RAFStuart Premium
Must confess not done mine yet, so thanks for the heads up.