Getting Past The Newbie Phase

Last Update: July 14, 2018

Like everything else that you try for the first time, you find yourself amid a vast crowd of experienced people doing a lot of things that you have never done before and your first reaction is " Where do i even begin?"

Lets face it , we have all been there before regardless of the subject and being at wealthy Affiliate and the Affiliate marketing world is no exception.

When i first started over a year ago i was making all the rookie mistakes, and i was wondering am i doing the right thing.

When i was reading the training i was under the impression that i have read that, implimented it once, and then onto the next. If i had read it THOROUGHLY, i would have realised that a lot of things you have to repeat on a daley basis to build up a following and a substantial amount of work every day.

I was absolutely Green!!!

I even left after about 6 weeks because my first website was getting nowhere, but, there is something that draws you back that says, Lets Try This Again, PROPERLY!!'

I suppose the underlining truth is that not every one can get to grips the first time round, it usually takes a second or third attempt to understand what you are doing and learning. I suppose that regardless of what you are taught, the best teacher is experience.!!.

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CandP Premium
We have been WA members for just three months and still consider ourselves complete beginners. All of this is completely new to us and our learning curve is still practically vertical. It is good therefore to hear of others who clearly experienced similar, if not identical, problems to the ones we are experiencing. Thank you so much for sharing.
Colette and Philip
marycmiller Premium
I totally agree and I still fall back into the newbie stage, I am easily distracted by shiney things.
MKearns Premium
Once you get your feet wet developing a niche. It will get better