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Last Update: April 26, 2016

Hello everyone, I Am Adrian Brown "Your Financial Physician". In this article I will share some information on THINKING WEALTHY. Whether you want to follow the ways of the great financiers, politicians, or dynamic movie stars, there are common modes of thinking and behavior each of them followed.

What goals do you want to achieve?what amount of effort can you commit? you may want money for the extra things in life, money to build a corporate empire, or money to support yourself while you pursue a higher education. When you are ready to put your whole mind into realizing your goals, 100% of your thoughts, you will then succeed.

Think about what you most desire, it may not be cash but what money can buy, it may be those feelings of inner satisfaction from creating something beautiful or strong. You may be looking for something meaningful and significant in life-something other than money. Whatever your goals, and however difficult they seem to be to accomplish you have the ability to become what you want. Take a Look - can you see yourself surrounded by wealth inn your mind? You must be able to picture in your mind and hold the thoughts of the world open in front of you ready to become the form of your dreams, ready to present your desires.


Many people who acquire wealth in this world were not born wealthy. They accomplished their desires through hard work and a plan of action. Wealth comes to those who think about wealth, who see themselves wealthy in their mind first, and strive for it until it is acquired. Although many of the wealthy financiers-at the turn of the century had no formal education- they overcame that and went on to amass great wealth. Whatever your obstacles you can be as wealthy as anyone else. Study the people who acquired wealth and recognition in the area of your pursuit, how did they achieve their goals? It's never to late to learn, and remember this "There's Always Room At The Top".


The single attribute that every wealthy person has is the One-Pointed devotion to attain a goal. What are your desires? Can you form them into definite goals that you can attain? "If you don't know where you are going, you will end up someplace else." Ours is a world where people don't know what they want and are willing to go through anything to get it." But, not you - Take the time to think about your own aspirations, look inside yourself to find what feels right, obtaining your desires require certain qualities of action. You must be sincere and willing to assume responsibility; you need the self-discipline necessary to work toward and achieve your goals. Are you prepared to achieve your dreams? You must form their reality in your mind first, and then devote your entire being to attaining what you want.


Most wealthy people are Non-Conformists. So are most famous actors and actresses. Your convictions and goals are your own business, even when you find help along the path. Cultivate a sense of justice and the ability to make decisions. Follow good criticism and advise after you have judged carefully, put on blinders to negative comments and criticism meant to hurt you. Learn to form your own opinions and develop your own self-respect. Mentors often take people under their wings to nourish and teach, spiritual guides will show you the path to attainment, but you are on your own to achieve. Also, people are judged by what they think and what they say, but the true measure of their character is what they do. Anyone who has achieved success and fortune in the world has done it by action.


Keep a sense of proportion and judge for yourself. Then keep busy at the task you have set out to accomplish. Reach for the highest then reach higher. Accomplish your steps one-by-one on a daily basis always moving forward; always making progress. Encourage yourself, insist that you will succeed and affirm those thoughts contently. Find inspiration wherever you can. Talk to people, read about people, learn your business or craft. Believe that you will do it and you will. The only way to dispel the doubt you can do something is to finish it. "Genius is said to be one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

Always be the best you can be. Never fall short from fatigue or lethargy. Don't attempt to do anything that you can't give your all to. There is no way to inner satisfaction without appealing to the higher consciousness, Search within and without to find the paths that are meant for you and follow them with conviction and a steady heart, then you will succeed to become as wealthy and as full as you ever desired.

Use this information to your advantage as you move ahead on your own personal Journey to Wealth.

So, until next time I Am Adrian Brown "Your Financial Physician."

And Remember "All Things Are Possible For You."

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