Now is The Time to Stop Being Broke!

Last Update: August 15, 2016

Hello everyone, I Am Adrian Brown "Your Financial Physician". In this article I will share some information that can help you on your Journey to Wealth as you begin to build a strong foundation for your success.

If someone were to ask you what is the worst thing that can happen to you other than the death or ill health of yourself or a loved one, chances are you would answer "Being Broke" you've been there and you know just how bad it can be. Now once you are out of debt this is the time to vow never to let it happen again. Experience is the most wonderful teacher of all; and used wisely, your tormenting experience with debt may lead to a much wiser concept of money management.

Your first step should be to analyze the buying and credit habits that led to your financial collapse. Be honest and forthright with yourself. Don't be too quick to pin the blame on unforeseen circumstances or someone else. If you had settled for a slightly lower standard of living, couldn't you have had enough saved to cover those unexpected hospital and doctor bills? or even through it would have meant a big argument, wouldn't it have been better to have said "NO" when your spouse wanted a new car or a winter vacation in Florida?

Sit down in a room alone and review all of the purchases you and your family have made during the past few years. Look through cancelled checks and receipts if you still have them. Where did the money go? How many expenditures were completely unnecessary? List these on paper so that you can discuss them later with your family members.

Don't be too harsh on yourself or your family for past mistakes. You cannot change the past, but you can establish sensible spending guidelines for the future. For most of us this means having a Budget. A budget need not involve penny pinching nor a burdensome amount of bookkeeping. Indeed, it is important to make sure that the budget is not so restrictive as to be unworkable.


A budget is simply a spending plan - a tool to assist you in spending money wisely and reaching your goals on your Journey to Wealth. By cutting out inefficient spending, a budget can give you more for your money. Of course, preparing a budget takes planning and following a budget takes determination. The cooperation of the entire family is required (if you have a family) to make it a success. Your budget must be tailored to your own or (your family's) needs, desires, and income. In the next article I will share six easy steps to use in developing your own personalized budget: as we continue on this Journey to Wealth Together.

Until next time I Am Adrian Brown " Your Financial Physician: Visit my website @ And remember, " All Things Are Possible For You!"

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