Feeling Grateful

Last Update: May 03, 2020

Feeling Grateful

I just wanted to pop up with a quick message today amidst all the stress and worry of the current pandemic situation.

It is so easy to let all the bad stuff get to us and takeover our way of thinking and our way of doing things.

Yet, if we were to stop for just a minute and think of the good things that are happening in our lives today we would very soon see that the "good" things easily outweigh the "bad" things in our lives.

I know it will not seem that way to many people at the moment, me included at times but in reality if we just take a minute to think about what is good in our lives at this very moment in time we would surely see that the "pros" beat the "cons" hands down.

What are You Grateful For Today?

For me, I have many things to be grateful for right now:

  • I awoke this morning able to see the sunshine and hear the birds singing.
  • I have a wonderful partner and we live in a nice area of the country.
  • I have 2 motorcycles (and will feel even more grateful when I can ride them again)
  • I have family here at WA who I can turn to for anything.

Mindset - Attitude of Gratitude

Being here at Wealthy Affiliate has helped me tremendously.

Between all the training and live videos, questions/answers for all classrooms.

To the daily banter that we may have in Live Chat, the help here is tremendous.

So I just want to finish with a big Thank You.

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Babou3 Premium
Nice reminder!
It's so true, there are so many things we can be thankful for on a daily basis. The simple fact of waking up healthy every morning by the grace of God is a gift of life. Life is as beautiful as it can be complicated and that's what makes it great.

Mark1957 Premium
You're right Andy, difficult though it may be for those that are really suffering, it is worth taking a step back to appreciate all the things we sometimes take for granted.

And apart from those things, WA gives us that little bit extra along with being able to work on our sites and businesses.

I'm grateful to be here, to help where possible, to encourage others who might be struggling, to learn new skills and invest in a future that's worth striving for for our families and loved ones.

There's also the sense of achievement and pleasure you get when things sink in or when you feel you've contributed in a positive way too.

Good post for a Sunday morning Andy :-)

sbarrow4 Premium
Thanks Andy.
I am grateful for the life I share with my wife Annie.
One of my children and their children I caught up with today.
My work with WA.
My Seminar I am doing.
The home that I live in.
My personal growth
The food on our table.
My perfect health.
Thank you, thank you thank you.
BSandlin1 Premium
Thanks for posting and I am very grateful for family and friends and every day life. Stay safe!
Hamish58 Premium
Brilliant Andy and snap!

Just posted on a similar theme but from an oblique angle LoL🧐