Today Was a Breakthrough

Last Update: December 08, 2017

This week, I set my path to finish all of course 2. After I submit this post, it will be completed. I have learned a tremendous amount about the fundamental components of building a website and I have learn a lot about myself. The process is not complicated, however; you have to be patient with yourself and follow through the process. It reminds me of playing a round of golf. You just can't rush a beautiful round. You have to take your time, know your potential and enjoy the moment. We have to fall in love with the process of learning. Building my website has been a challenge, as I am a perfectionist by nature. I want everything to be correct before I launch it. Guess What? Sometimes we have to let it go. If we don't, we will never get started because we are still trying to decide on the name of our domain.

Get busy and enjoy the process.

Best of Luck,


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Kickbacked Premium
Hi Brian

I think being a perfectionist slows us down, am the same way. I like having every detail in order. Have been finding myself starting to let go of some things so I can move forward instead of dwelling on something trivial.

Wishing you success!

Have a nice week!

LouisaB Premium
Hello Brian, Welcome, and thank you for connecting. Congrats on accomplishing your task. You are on the right road to a great successful year. That is true! Sometime we must let go. as you move along, you're learn more and more.

Hey great going and best to your success!
DEversley Premium
That's a great accomplishment, Brian.

I am glad that you are employing patience and taking the time to properly learn how things work.

All the best to you and more!