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It has recently come to my attention that perhaps a reminder is due on use of private messaging inside of WA.No SpamPrivate messaging is a private communication between two members for the purpose of assisting each other on WA. It should not be used to promote websites or products via affiliate links. In general, it is for mutually agreed upon communication between members and/or for mentoring.Rule of ThumbIf you are not sure, do not send it.Here is a training article from Kyle on the best pr
June 13, 2020
Today I was awarded a nice success badge for making the top 200 today! First of all, I wish to thank WA members from whom I have been learning so much!ProgressThe progress I have made on my website has been slower than anticipated and for some reasons outside of my control. It has been important to me to learn this information over again, as there was a long hiatus from WA of nearly a year and so much to learn and relearn on WA, truly. This is a process of creating something we are confident
Having created about 10 posts and using inserted Amazon images, believing I had done so appropriately, I was to discover otherwise. Thankfully, it was a mistake that was easy enough to remedy once discovered and hopefully will prevent any confusion or trouble down the road. Besides that, this method was easier, an added bonus.Use of Amazon ImagesIf you are like me and you just wish to display a clickable image with an embedded link, this video is for you:
I was just sitting outside and heard what sounded like fireworks off in the distance. Now that it is nearly June and living in the US, it isn't unusual to hear this sound as we move toward July 4th, but times have changed. It was a bit unsettling until a second one was heard, the second being more convincing as simply a firework.Rethinking the Meaning of FireworksThis time period across the world has led to significant unrest.While fireworks are not a worldwide problem, given the racial riots
In Norse mythology, Loki is known as the trickster god and deity of mayhem and mischief.He was a shapeshifter and would level insults and create havoc wherever he went.Avoiding the Influence of ChaosKeeping our side of the street clean should help minimize the amount of mayhem and mischief in our own lives, but Loki did come to mind as it felt as though he reared his head yesterday afternoon. This was a dilemma completely out of left field, something unexpected and it threw me off schedule and
This week has been a bit slower for me on WA, but interestingly enough, it was after offering a site comment on another member's blog post that I recognized the need to re prioritize and attend to some very necessary duties that I had been putting off.ProcrastinationIn reviewing the cost of procrastination in this very informative blog, there were necessary housekeeping ($-type housekeeping) details that had been piling up and needed attention, so it has taken some time away from WA, but for go
May 14, 2020
Excited to be moving forward in WA and then...A Wrench in the Monkey WorksAs much as I want to blaze full steam ahead, two things came up this week, thus I am hoping not to lose momentum on work in progress. Accepting that reality calls, at least until my hometown figures out that the curve is still rising here, time will tell...Staying Safe vs Playing it SafeI must admit to a startled reaction when my employer suddenly contacted me to return tomorrow with 5 days notice. Working in the face o
So yes, I have completed the training videos for Level IV and many of tasks, yet must honestly admit that some of the tasks I will need to return to and complete. Method to the MadnessWhile it may sound like I have cut corners, there is a method to my madness.In part, I was torn between 3 niches, had 3 websites and wanted to see which one was developing itself a bit more organically. Just being honest; part of me is hesitant to complete social engagement and yet they will be vital in the long
Have been dealing with some shyness when it comes to setting up Social Media Feeds.I have to admit that part of it has to do with dramatic changes that were difficult and changed the direction of websites originally started in 2018; I returned to WA after a prolonged absence and had to re-do everything.FacebookGoing through all training again, as a bit of time has elapsed, my thoughts are that Facebook should just remain Facebook and for my family and friends, but I am curious as to your though
Revisions revisions revisionsPerfectionistI think I have a Blog post with more than 100 revisions; OMG...what is going on?IdealistWanting to be a perfectionist, but not perfect in the slightest; wanting to present good work and humbly realizing that while I'd been away from WA, a site had cropped up that has new and improved content and overlaps a great deal.RealistStarted researching my niche in a fact finding mission. It would have been helpful to do this before I got started, as I came acro