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Last Update: June 26, 2014

Effective tactics for building on Pinterest

Before websites were utilized to market different kinds of brands, business owners relied on magazines, brochures, and other kinds of print media advertising that allowed them to post images and articles about their merchandise. Still, this was really expensive and it didn't insure that their content would be read by their customers, nor was there any guarantee that the customers would buy the magazine they are featured in. Backward in the days, the more popular a magazine was, the more expensive it was to get featured.

Of path, matters are different today. It's more comfortable to post content on websites minus the expenses and hassle of posting on a cartridge holder, and one of the most interesting social networking situations that businesses should not ignore is interest.

Pursuit is a virtual pin-board that grants you to PIN images and pictures on your pin-table. The site, despite being 3 years old, is now keeping up with the monsters like Facebook and Twitter. Another bonus for business owners is that Pinterest welcomes them by catering them with Business Accounts loaded with marketing tools.

Then, how can business owners create an efficient movement for establishing their brands on Pinterest?

1.) Keep it short and sweet - Don't pour out the information of your image or video with the title and description field. You choose to let your images and videos speak for themselves. By retaining your title and description fields short and concise, you are making your customers more time to browse your page without having to be irritated by reading a great deal. Think back, you only receive 15 minutes to keep their attention (15 minutes is the average time a user spends on the site every day).

2.) Keep connected - Pinterest allows you to associate your profile to other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, which would increase your brand awareness by threefold. This works by a phase of syndication. Whatever you post on interest will end up, posted on Facebook and Twitter, or the action is reflected on both of these sites with a tie-in to your Pinterest profile.

3.) Re-pin and pin different content - Almost 80% of the pins found of Pinterest are re-pins, which should impart you an approximation of how content is disseminated along the situation. It doesn't imply that re-sticks are like plagiarizing content. Net. You are just showing others that you like something and you want them to know about it.They will do the same for your Pinterest profile and your business content. This is the core concept of re-pin etiquette.

When managed right, it shouldn't take long for people to discover your site and how you are different from your competitions. The more consistent you are with your Pinterest, activities, the more authority you'll ramp up towards your mark.

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felgue549 Premium
Hey, 3SeasonsGift, your Post is great. Starting Monday AM, I getting on it and expand what Mike and I have on Pinterest! What a timely reminder to pay attention. I see your rank all the way up to 149! Great, keep up what you're doing, my good friend pays!
Debbi26 Premium
I know I must join Pinterest especially with my niche. You're inspiring.
chelletrina Premium
Thank you for this, I am on Pininterest but have not yet set up a business account there as I'm new and still trying to learn Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress. I will put it on my list as the next social media site I need to master, using your training as a start. Thanks :)